Healthy Eating | Part 4 of 7: Burger Toppings

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Who doesn't like burgers? (I used to. LOL. Those were the days...) But yeah, I bet everyone loves it! And though it is 'fulfilling', it still helps to limit ourselves from consuming so much of these especially with how it's often prepared: fatty and greasy.

It would help greatly if you cook your own burger at home because for instance you can substitute lettuce leaves or whole-wheat bread for the white bread buns, control the oil used, etc. etc.; but with today's times, most likely you'll be buying it from the a store.

So if you are, do yourselves a favor and ask the restaurant (yes, even that fast food chain please) to modify it with the kind of toppings and spreads that will better keep your well-being in tip-top shape.

Healthy and Non-Healthy Burger Toppings Choices

The infographics below are not as comprehensive, but it still gives you an idea of what to eat and what to avoid (for as much as you could!)

Healthy Burger Toppings Choices Eating
  • Top of mind: fruits and vegetables are gold. If you can avoid having these stuff grilled, and have it fresh, then better.
  • If you can get grass-fed ground beef, then great! (Go Paleo!)
  • Sometimes a restaurant will have whole-wheat buns available. It wouldn't hurt to ask.
  • You'll rarely come across a burger that has pesto as its spread, and it also sounds weird to pair it with a beef patty, right? WRONG. It actually tastes reaaaally good, and it's easy to prepare. I bet the restaurant will have it.
  • Most likely it wouldn't happen, but if the shop has avocado spread or yogurt spread, TAKE IT. If cooking at home, MAKE IT.

Not Healthy unhealthy burger toppings
  • No to processed mayonnaise, BBQ sauces, ranch dressing, etc. etc. at all costs. If you really can't steer away from these 'tastes', then it's better than you just make homemade mayo or ketchup for yourself. (There's a lot of sodium, sugar, and non-healthy stuff in those jars).
  • It's said that yellow mustard is the best one to take compared to store-bought mayo/ketchup.
Sure it might make you look like some sort of drama queen in restaurants if you ask for such modifications and whatnot; but then, so what? It's for your betterment anyways, and it really is the time to not give a fuck about what others think. -wink- Everyone's trying to live as healthy as they could nowadays, so nobody will really mind. I do it too in shops sometimes, and I love the reaction on some people. Haha!

All in all, I still think it's great to make your own burger at home. It's more fun and healthier that way!

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I believe they still sell Häagen-Dazs (pints) in leading groceries/supermarkets nationwide. I saw them at Rustan's Supermarket in Makati one time. :)

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