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Who here likes Pizzas? You? Oh yeah, I bet you do! ...but you know, unfortunately for me, I really don't have that OMG-I-WANT-TO-EAT-YOU feeling whenever I see a pizza in sight. Yeah, I am that weird if that's how you'd like to put it. The thing is, I am only willing to eat pizza if it's the only choice left. (Believe me, I used to not like burgers either but grew out of it.)

So when will I ever grow out of this pizza phase? I honestly don't know. But there's one thing I'm sure of... Despite my usual dislike of pizzas, I can never say no to Papa John's! And timely enough, imagine how the 'heavens' are with me on this: starting this July up until the end of this year, they have a PRICE SLASH promo!

papa john's pizza promo price slash
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This Price Slash promo is valid for dine-ins, take outs, and delivery transactions on selected Papa John outlets above. Certainly, we just have to try this one out! And so, we had the chance to taste these better pizzas when we had our 'When in Manila' gathering last July 14; and boy, was it such a feast! Like come on, where else can you get a 14-inch party-sized pizza for less than P500? We even got pastas too; which was to my joy. :P

pizza pasta papa johns

So why don't you drag along your barkada, your family, or your loved one to Papa John's? And then take advantage of this promo! *wink* I bet you'll have a really great time, the same way that we did!
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