Roasted Rosemary Lamb Rack Recipe

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Recipe for Roasted Lamb Rack

I've been away from blogging for faaar too long and I think it's about time that I come back and give this space some l♥vin'! So... What are the latest updates with me? Well I guess you'll have to check my personal blog here to know the details. But with regards to the 'foodie' side, I've been to a lot of thought lately as to how I can continue updating this blog... of course, restaurant reviews is the immediate reply!

But... I've been thinking of shifting my focus. Sure, this website will still include reviews from time to time, but like what I'll be posting today, I'd like to highlight recipes more, as well as anything about 'food appreciation' and 'discoveries' :) I'll be travelling around soon as well, so it will be very timely.

Anyways, one of the dishes that I've whipped up (which my boyfriend really liked!) was this Roasted Rosemary Lamb Rack that I made last May for our half-year celebration of being together. ♥

This was actually my first time to cook lamb and fortunately enough, it ended up pretty good! Juicy and medium rare doneness! Yum!

Marinading Lamb Rack
Fry Lamb Rack
Roasting Lamb Rack Recipe
Doneness of Lamb

I served this with some french fries and some mint jelly for our 'lamb dip' (I bought mint jelly at Santi's!). So yeah. Why not whip this up for your loved one to surprise them? *wink*

Just a note though: about the roasting part, you don't need to follow my minutes by heart. You can adjust it as you like, especially since we all have different ovens that tend to have different heat levels, settings, etc. (For mine, I used convection type of heating.)

Leave a comment below if you need any help, or if you have suggestions. :)
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"Foodie from the Metro" : Roasted Rosemary Lamb Rack Recipe


# | stacy said...

Looks good!!!

# | Jam Daquio said...

wow.. your boyfriend is indeed joyful of munching the cook of his love. I hope I can do that to my bf too.

# | Jasa Penerjemahan Eng<>Ind said...

I love this food. The last time I ate this food, when my office are gathering. Like this food...

# | Franc Ramon said...

Your boyfriend is lucky since you can conjure dishes like this. The roasted lamb racks look really delicious.

# | Imdeb said...

wow!delicious foods...........

# | Shellah Alvarez said...


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