Ramen Bar: Your Authentic Ramen Fix

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Ramen Bar

G/F The Venice Piazza
McKinley Hill
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Business Hours:
MON-THU & SUN - 9AM to 10PM
FRI & SAT - 9AM to 11PM

Phone: (02) 552-1636
Cuisine: Japanese
Budget: Php 300↑
Overall Rating: 

For your authentic Ramen fix. "SLURP!"

I've had my fair share of ramen noodles; apart from my college years of instant-noodles-eating (which by all respect wasn't exactly legit ramen) I've also been to some ramen shops, and boy, they were goo-oood! For me, ramen is like one of those legit Asian dishes that makes you feel damn right Asian.

But of course, since I haven't been to Japan yet, then I can't honestly declare that I know what 'authentic ramen' is... but I think we can all depend on the 'taste-judgment' that I will be making for now. And of course! I will also base my experience on descriptions and standards that are discussed online.

So what exactly is ramen?

Ramen is a Japanese-noodle dish composed of Chinese-style wheat noodles usually served with meat and vegetable toppings, and then laid down over some broth. Apparently, Japan made this dish 'instant' but it originally came from China. "Ramen" is the Japanese pronounciation of the Chinese "Lo Mein". Today, Japanese often call ramen as gakusei ryori meaning 'student cuisine'. Now what makes a good ramen? It would have to be all about the noodle and broth combination; they should compliment each other.
...and so, I had the privilege to try Ramen Bar, one of the newest outlets in The Venice Piazza... and what can I say about them? Well they got their ramen-noodle-broth-combination-knowledge just about right! I won't mind going back to them to try their other bowls!


Ramen Bar's restaurant motif centers on red and earth colors along with the wooden furniture. If you have drowned yourself in enough anime like me, then you would recognize that the vibe would emit some sort of 'sauna' setting which is kind of a bit odd.

But anyways; it was cozy! And we all know how red induces hunger, right? Haha.

Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Logo
Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Ambiance
Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Utensils


And then came the ramen parade... but wait! Before wolfing down bowls of it, we decided to get some 'appetizers' first. Upon the recommendation of the servers, we decided to take their Kakuni Buns.

Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Kakuni Buns
Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Appetizer
Kakuni Buns (Php 220.00)

These are four 'buns' (steamed buns or in our terms, "siopao") that are opened up to make way for fillings that are composed of lettuce and pork asado that are drizzled with hoisin sauce (rich black sauce) and mayonnaise. They were really tasty alright! But if you don't want to feel instantly heavy, better to skip this one. We eventually had to take it home because after a few bites we were like: "Uh oh, we're gonna get full soon!"

Now, other than the buns, we also got another appetizer which were their Fried Gyoza and if you haven't tasted gyoza before, basically, it's like a savory-like dumpling in which vegetables and ground meat are wrapped in a thin piece of dough. Usually these fried-types are called yaki or age-gyoza. Anyhow, this was a joy to eat!

I can't speak for Jonas (my boyfriend) because he is of European descent... so yeah, we can say that he wasn't really accustomed to these kinds of fare. But he did eat much of it; hence, I can conclude that he liked it. He's a really picky-eater so even without asking him, as long as I see him eating it, then BAM! It's a-okay. :P

Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Fried Gyoza
Gyoza (Php 150.00)

Finally... to the ramen fare! Ramen Bar has a lot of Big Bowls to choose from and for our first trip with them, I decided to go for one of their best-sellers.

First up is my choice: their RBS (Ramen Bar Special) #1 in which, according to them, is a "Soy-infused tonkotsu ramen topped with tamago, naruto, nori, negi, chasyu, and kakuni."

  • Soy - soybean. Think tofu. Lol. But not really.
  • Tonkotsu - basically is just referring to a pork ramen
  • Tamago - sweet Japanese omellete
  • Naruto - have you watched the anime—anyways, this is a sliced part of Japanese fish cake, famous for its swirl pattern.
  • Nori - dried seaweed
  • Negi - spring onion
  • Chasyu - some sort of sliced roasted pork
  • Kakuni - braised pork belly
...aaaaand I loved it!!! The broth was so creamy, noodles perfect, and the toppings! Oooh, I had a joy eating the pork belly. It was so juicy and soft! And the best part is: it was served in a really big bowl. They clearly weren't joking when they said big bowls. In the end, I had to take half of it for take-out because it was just too much!

Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Bowl Best Seller
R.B.S. #1 (Php 380.00)

As for Jonas' dish, he picked Seafood Ramen which was in their special shio-based soup ramen filled with the same niceties: nori, negi, and naruto but this time around, as it is 'seafood', it had pieces of shrimp and squid in it. According to him: it was true to its name and he especially liked the broth.

Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Seafood Bowl
Seafood Ramen (Php 380.00)

With all of these, we should cap off our night sweetly and so we ordered their unique dessert of theirs called as: Tempura Ice Cream. It really sounded odd, I mean come on. Tempura...? But thankfully, the taste was great! Simply put, these were scoops of vanilla ice cream that were wrapped in tempura batter. Fried!

But word of the wise: eating this without sauce won't taste so good, that's why they drizzled it with chocolate sauce to add more pizzazz to it.

Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Desserts Tempura Ice Cream
Tempura Ice Cream (Php 150.00)


Though Ramen Bar was created here in the Philippines, I don't think they will shame the Japanese cuisine with the dishes that they have. I really liked our dining experience here! There's room for improvement of course, but as it is, I think it will slowly pave its way into popularity here in the metro.

Why don't you try them out for yourselves? Their ramen won't definitely disappoint you!
Tabemasho! (Let's eat!)


As of March 2013:

Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Menu
Foodie from the Metro Ramen Bar Menu Desserts

"Foodie from the Metro" | Ramen Bar: Your Authentic Ramen Fix


# | Rhea Bue said...

Just last week my officemates and I had our dinner at the Ramen bar Shaw Blvd. branch. :) I super loooove their RBS!! The best! Haven't tried their dessert though but it looks yummy! Maybe I would try it when I get back to this resto again :)

# | Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons said...

like honeslty i haven't tried eating ramen though after reading this post i am a lot more curuious of trying it very soon! xx

# | Travelona said...

Your pictures are awesome. You made me want to go out and try all the dishes at Ramen Bar! I miss you sissy!

# | Rovie Divinagracia said...

love ramen!! but ever since nag project sexy ako medyo iwas ako sa mga resto na ganto. i miss eating here :(

# | Lovelee said...

I am eating a lot of Ramen nowadays like from Kichitora and Bubble Tea and I want to add more to that list so I find your post very timely. Thanks! =)

# | Tin | The Average Jane said...

I love Ramen! It's a good meal to have when it's raining. =)

# | Itsberyllicious said...

Now i miss ramen bar! Will head back soon :) i also love their rbs #1 :)

# | Mary de Guzman said...

This is near our office so I've been here a few times. I often get the Spicy Karaage Ramen... which I love!

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