CCA Culinary School | A Sneak Peek at Food Photography

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Last 2012, I mentioned how I was lucky enough to be invited to CCA Culinary School's 5-Day Food Media Course [see related post here], but what I did not mention was another one of their sessions: food photography!

Obviously, owning a food blog such as this involves a 'responsibility' wherein I should at least take good shots of the dishes that I encounter. Having to own only a point-and-shoot camera has limitations, but thankfully, I manage. Nevertheless, this class did not involve teaching us into 'how' we should take photos, but rather involved on a 'sneak preview' on how professional photographers take salivating shots of food for magazine covers (for example). And woooow, just looking at all the set-up and lighting dizzied me!

Foodie from the Metro: CCA Culinary School Food Photography
Foodie from the Metro: CCA Culinary School Food Photography Set-Up and Lighting

Looks a bit complicated if you ask me, but it was interesting to say the least! A few of my foodie friends and I had a good laugh though as we joked on how we would bring props like these to every restaurant that we visit; and boy, that would of course, cause such a scene!

Foodie from the Metro: CCA Culinary School Food Photography Camera Settings
Foodie from the Metro: CCA Culinary School Food Photography Post-Processing

This session was actually held as the last part of the course, wherein the students would make a dish that involved all the teachings of Chef Eugene Raymundo in food styling. The students will also direct the 'look' or 'style' of their dishes on their own and then have Chef Eugene's professional photographer to just take a snap of it.

And just for the fun of it, I tried to use my point-and-shoot to take shots of my own. Hah! Amateur! LOL.

Foodie from the Metro: CCA Culinary School Food Photography My Shot

The Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) Podium Culinary School Market Cafe has a lot of courses to offer for those who are trying to get a career in the culinary arts or even for those who are just simply enthusiasts. Simply go to their website below to inquire. Enjoy!
Level 5 The Podium, Mandaluyong, Philippines
(02) 696 9083

"Foodie from the Metro" : CCA Culinary School | A Sneak Peek at Food Photography


# | Franc Ramon said...

Food photography is one skill I'd like to learn as it requires more delicate handling when it comes to food.

# | Stephen Lea said...

A great collection of photographs and a great insight to food photography :) shared

# | michymichymoo said...

I still have a lot to learn about food photography. :) P&S pa lang din cam ko, ipon2 pa for DSLR.hehe

# | animetric said...

Wow, I think they are the first culinary school to offer such a course!

# | MissApriil said...

CCA Katip has actually been inviting me to enroll with them ever since they heard my (passion for cooking and baking) story from a CCA graduate which is also my kinakapatid :)) Haven't jumped into their offer, but I'd love to be considered a graduate of CCA!

# | Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons said...

this is really good! i am interest also to learn haha though i am not in philippines hehe. 

# | Edea Krammer said...

Just got the idea to have a change of career after reading this article and it surely gives me that punch to get a photography class this year. And I know just the right place to start with it… XOXO:D

# | Kai Grafia said...

Interesting! I definitely wanna learn food photography especially that I have a food blog now. It's a great thing how they manage to make food look good in photos you literally wanna eat them !

# | Trisha Kue U said...

This is so cool. Now I'm hungry D: Post more, dear!

# | rftreyes said...

This is great! 

Oh, and what you have is no ordinary point and shoot. The potential of that S95 is unbelievable! If you want to know what I mean, go to the En Route site and check out the Mesclun article. Let me know if you can distinguish between a DSLR and the "lowly" point-and-shoot ;)
- Ray

# | Pepper Tan said...

Food photography is definitely art.  It's not something just anybody can do.  It takes a great amount of skill and practice.

# | Jabed Hssain said...

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# | Ann Smith said...

Do you know that a study online is very convenient and flexible, that's why getting into an online culinary schools is advised.

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