Knorr Sinigang | Holiday Homecoming Treat for OFWs

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Do you have a family member overseas? In this kind of season, I bet that you long for their presence, and that they long for your presence too. So surely, nothing beats the kind of joy that occurs when an OFW, for instance, would touch back down to the Philippine soil. Other than longing their families and love ones, food is also one factor that OFWs miss and the popular sinigang in particular ranks as the number one home fare that no other exotic cuisine could beet.

Therefore, to make such a sweet reunion even more exciting, Knorr Sinigang recently rolled out a truly Pinoy and definitely heart-warming welcome for the country’s modern-day heroes: “Knorr Sinigang’s Umuwi sa Sarap ng Sinigang”. A unique airport salubong wherein arriving OFWs were first surprised by a singing mob at the lobby of NAIA Terminal 3 who were all singing Filipino Christmas carols and giving them special tokens and floral leis!

Foodie from the Metro: Knorr Sinigang - Holiday OFW Homecoming Choir

Even the popular singer and TV personality, Erik Santos, was there to give his own rendition of the touching song “Pasko na Sinta Ko.

Foodie from the Metro: Knorr Sinigang - Holiday OFW Homecoming Tokens and Gifts

Erik had even gone the extra mile by reaching out to some OFWs to personally serenade them, sweetly rendered along with a rose as a gift of welcome.

Foodie from the Metro: Knorr Sinigang - Holiday OFW Homecoming Serenade Erik Santos

Afterwards, they were invited to a cozy dining area at the NAIA Terminal 3 in which Knorr Sinigang filled their tummies with hefty servings of warm and mouth-watering sinigang!

An array of sinigang choices were laid out before the OFWs such as fish, pork and shrimp sinigang. After years of eating foreign dishes that are either too bland or too spicy for the Filipino palate, the OFWs finally got to savor the sumptuous goodness of a dish they all grew up with. The first sip of the sour broth made them feel that they were really back home! And to make it even more sweeter, Knorr chef Marvin Agustin was there to serve them this heart-warming fare!

Foodie from the Metro: Knorr Sinigang - Holiday OFW Homecoming Marvin Agustin Pinky Marquez

Certainly, the “Knorr Sinigang’s Umuwi sa Sarap ng Sinigang” could not have been more timely. With thousands of OFWs making their way back to the country this holiday season and New Year, the unique Knorr Sinigang welcome that awaited them at the airport is a constant reminder of their valuable contribution to their families and to the country, and that they can always reconnect with their Pinoy ties especially when it comes to satisfying their craving for the filling goodness of Filipino food.

Pinky Marquez with the Knorr brand team (L to R) – Maia Inoturan, Nina Abellada,
Seanta Reyes, Ayn Santos, Cams Sta. Ana and Jessie Ericta

"Foodie from the Metro" - Knorr Sinigang | Holiday Homecoming Treat for OFWs


# | Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons said...

omg! that is so amazing!! naiiyak aq while reading this posts! the Ofw's truly deserve this kind of heart warming attention1 xx

# | Delora Simbajon said...

Wow! This is really cool! I am sure the OFWs were happy to receive such a treat from Knorr. 

# | Delora Simbajon said...

Wow! This is so cool! I am sure that the OFWs were happy to receive such a nice treat from Knorr. Happy new year!

# | Jo-Ann said...

Wow,Knorr made a wonderful welcome to OFWs, great and yummy event! 

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