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Christmas is the season for joy, love, care, and sudden sweet surprises! So imagine how excited I was when one of my office mates suddenly messaged me while I was on my way to work: "Leen, they delivered donuts for you! Lots of it!"

I was all: "Really, donuts? For me? But I didn't order any!" And I sure didn't, but it was all thanks to GoNuts Donuts and ARC! They were absolutely generous for giving me this lovely gift (surprise!)

But of course, before I let my office mates devour these goodies, I had to check out these wonderful treats first!

First up are the two white boxes full of their holiday donuts! And I can honestly say that they were too aesthetically pleasant to be destroyed and ingested. But one look at my famished colleagues and I knew that there was no chance for these donuts to be saved... haha!

Foodie from the Metro - GoNuts Donuts Christmas Boxes

First of what I tried was the Yule Bliss donut! Aside from the candy-like decorative topping, biting into this would lead you to a tasty helping of Bavarian filling that's nestled generously in the middle!

Foodie from the Metro - GoNuts Donuts Christmas Yule Bliss

The other variant, Sweet N' Merry (the green one with the Santa Hat decoration) rather had sweet pastillas filling! And it was so yummy and thick! And the last one, the Holy Mallowy has marshmallows in the center! It was very interesting, but a sweet treat nonetheless!

Foodie from the Metro - GoNuts Donuts Christmas Sweet N' Merry and Holly Mallowy

To complete the whole package was this other box full of holiday cookies!

Foodie from the Metro - GoNuts Donuts Christmas Cookies
Foodie from the Metro - GoNuts Donuts Christmas Cookies Sugar Coated

These were surprisingly good! The sugar frosting on top blended perfectly with the crispy cookie; it wasn't too sweet either which I really appreciated! The holidays may be over, but these would be such great treats that you could give to your loved ones, especially the kids!

Without a doubt, these were palate-pleasers! And as a foodie from the metro, I suggest that you go to the nearest GoNut Donuts branch that you could find to know and taste for yourselves the wonder of these holiday goodies. Belated Merry Christmas everyone and Advance Happy New Year!

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"Foodie from the Metro" : Go Nuts This Holiday Season!


# | michymichymoo said...

Awww. Sayang I didn't see this earlier. Ok sana pang-giveaway. :)

# | Kai Grafia said...

Oh wow! What festive designs those donuts have! Perfect as gifts for the sweet tooth!

# | Guia Obsum said...

I also saw this when I was in the mall, and got a piece for my daughter. :)

# | peachkins said...

GoNuts Donuts Holiday Donuts are cute and very festive. These would have been a perfect giveaway!

# | Pretty Ugly said...

Awwww.. who wouldn't love to get these Christmassy sweeties?

# | Rovie Divinagracia said...

i yet have to try gonuts donuts!! :D I love to try the chirstmas donuts!!

The Bargain Doll

# | Ang Sarap said...

Another new brand that I dont know, I am missing a lot of things.  Anyways Have a prosperous New Year to you and your Family

# | Mary Lovelee said...

Everything looks so pretty that its a shame to eat them! But they sure look yummy =)

# | Mary de Guzman said...

Looove the colors.

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