Opus Restaurant & Lounge | Redefining the Dining Experience

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Opus Restaurant and Lounge

2/F Resorts World Manila
Newport Mall, Newport Boulevard
Domestic Airport, Pasay
Business Hours:

Phone: (0917) 874-7738 or (0917) 809 4093
Cuisine: European
Budget: Php 1000↑
Payment: Cash or Credit Card
Overall Rating: 

Bringing a true masterpiece to the Manila nightlife and dining industry.

Opus isn't all about wild fun partying; it's actually more than that! Because what's also worth noting in this "IT" nightclub is their restaurant counterpart: a swanky dining spot that serves breath-taking modern European cuisine!

Owned and managed by the metro's big wigs, this place is truly a promising one! Opus owners are namely: Erik Cua (nightlife prince of Manila), Carlo Miguel (superstar chef), Fernando Aracama (gastronomic genius), GP Reyes (PR creative force), Ivan Zalameda (promotions forerunner), Jason Soong (person behind Jaguar, Maserati and Land Rover), Louie Ysmael (nightlife king), Manolet Dario (Manila DJ), Marco De Guzman (nightlife entrepreneur), Raj Sadhwani (man behind Distillery), Robbie Carmona (fashion director), Stephen Ku (marketing maverick), and Tim Yap (THE party man).

A masterpiece of its own, you could definitely say that I was more than happy when I was invited along with my WIM friends to try out this lavish and luxurious dine in!


When I first arrived at Opus, I was instantly sure of one thing: the place screams of elegance and posh. I didn't have the chance to take much pictures of the area, but do trust me when I say that it was amazingly designed. From the entrance, you'll first see a well-lit bar and then far down, you'll see the hallway wherein on both sides, there are sections of glass-encased dining areas.

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Hallways Ambiance

These dining areas have high walls that are adorned with art murals, complete with plush booths or high-back chairs as well as wood and marble tables. Everything felt rustic, and there was even this kind of renaissance vibe going on. What's even more interesting about these dining galleries is that you could request for them to draw the curtains if you want some privacy while eating.

If yo go on further, you'll arrive at the lounge/bar area which has a more futuristic feel to it! But hey, for this blog, I have to be the 'Foodie from the Metro' so I won't leak out the party-girl side of me in here. (HAHA JK).

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Dining Area

Now apparently, it was Erik Cua who was behind this grand interior design and he had it down right to the smallest details; it will definitely feel  like you were transported to another place once you step in to Opus!


In Opus, you'll get to have dishes prepared by a superstar chef: Chef Carlo Miguel, a cooking pro who already has 15 years of culinary experience abroad and locally. He has even received such amazing awards that will surely convince you that he definitely knows what he's doing! [Read more of Chef Carlo here: click]

As they say, every artist needs his own gallery and for Chef Carlo, it's Opus as he brings to life a modernist restaurant that defies the traditional gastronomic experience. What he rather brings forth is a modern European cuisine that has no pretensions and no right/wrong way to dine. With his unique molecular dishes, everything is as he says: "open to interpretation".

To start our own promising adventure in Opus, we were first told by Chef Carlo that we were going to be served with a starter salad. But when the waiter came in, he served us this plate:

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Caesar Soup Salad

I had to make a double-take. "Wait. What. Is this salad?" Examining it closer, this piece was made of crispy prosciutto (representing bacon), croutons, anchovy, and egg salsa.

And then as if the initial surprise wasn't enough, the waiter came in again carrying a teapot. From there, he proceeded to pour this green sauce over the plate!

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Caesar Soup Salad Veloute

In my head, the thoughts kept on raging! I was all: "What's going on here? Is this salad?" I didn't utter a thing actually; I just went in and took a bite... and guess what? It tasted like salad! But in soup form!

It was of course a bit weird at first, but after every single bite, I just couldn't get enough of it! This Caesar Soup Salad according to Chef Carlo is a dish wherein he made use of this sauce concept which is called as velouté in French. Usually, velouté is made of chicken or fish stock but Chef Carlo made use of romaine lettuce instead, thickened with probably cream, butter, and flour. And with that, let me tell you this: I was blown away! I mean, it was good thinking!

At those times, I didn't realize it but I was laughing and grinning a lot. Chef Carlo pointed that out and said: "That! That's the reaction I'm looking for!"

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Caesar Salad
Caesar Soup Salad (P280.00)

Next up, we also had another salad. This time around, it looked more like salad, but! There were a lot of unique and fun elements in this dish: the Modernist Caprese Salad!

A usual caprese salad is made up of sliced tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. But we're talking about Chef Carlo here, so he spiced up the dish a whole lot! First things first: have you ever thought of turning tomatoes into ice sorbets? Have you tried one? Well with Opus, I have! In the below picture, those are the orange parts that's nestled around the leaves of basil. And then, instead of simply putting sliced mozzarella for instance, Chef Carlo transformed these buffalo mozzarella into pearls! You should be careful in scooping these white ones up; better not to break it, just let it break inside your mouth!

To add more pizzazz to the dish, it is placed with a blanket of foam and sprinkled with black caviar that has a distinct balsamic taste to it; this gave the salad more dimension in the taste department.

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Modernist Caprese Salad
Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Fun Salad Dish Unique
Modernist Caprese Salad (P380.00)

For the main meals, we were given a more sophisticated version of our good ol' Pinoy favorite: sisig! Opus presents it as: Duck and Foie Gras Sisig! If I get rich enough, this will definitely be the kind of sisig that I wouldn't mind eating ALL DAY LONG! It was too darn tasty and rich! Composed of smooth risotto, the sisig part was made up duck leg meat, chicharon, and chopped foie gras; and then on top of it is a dollop of calamansi foam/air!

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Duck and Foie Gras Sisig
Duck and Foie Gras Sisig (P420.00)

It was apparent at this point what kind of elements are recurring in Chef Carlo's dishes. Other than the calamansi foam, this sisig dish was also served with Knorr foam! (Like come on, a sisig dish is not complete without good ol' Knorr!)

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Duck and Foie Gras Sisig  Knorr Foam

For a taste of the sea, we were given the Crispy Chicken Salmon Fillet that has this Thai-esque kind of flavor and the salmon was cooked well enough: soft and not too fishy. To complete the ensemble, it's made up of Chilean mussels, coconut sauce, coriander gnocchi, and kaffir lime foam as the sauce.

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Crispy Chicken Salmon Fillet

A dish that could be an instant hit with carnivores: Sous Vide Aged U.S. Beef Short Rib, beef that was cooked sous vide for 2 days! (Sous vide is a boil-in-bag kind of cooking.) With this, you would expect that there's no need for you to use your knife because the beef was as tender as it could possibly be! This had red wine sauce and pieces of porcini and also served alongside interesting pieces of baked onions wrapped around bacon (left) as well as roast garlic pudding (right).

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Sous Vide Aged U.S. Beef Short Ribs Dish
Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Sous Vide Aged U.S. Beef Short Ribs
Sous Vide Aged U.S. Beef Short Rib (P980.00)

Onwards to dessert, we had the classic banoffee pie! But like I said, when you're dining with Opus, you should expect something different served to you—and different it was! Opus' Banoffee Pie 2012 (inspired by the artist Haring) was treated like a machine, deconstructed and shown into its individual parts! Caramelized banana slices, frozen dulce de leche ice cream, graham, and peanut butter podwer: here's a definite fun way to eat banoffee!

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Banoffee Pie 2012 Dessert
Banoffee Pie 2012 (P280.00)

So how about we get cigar for dessert? *wink* Sounds ridiculous? Well in Opus, you could. With the Chocolate Bacon and Hazelnut Cigar (a dessert inspired by the artist Dali) you'll be served with this dessert concoction that looks, well, yeah, a cigar! Wrapped around a crackling coating of chocolate like what you see below, both ends of this 'cigar' have the chocolate bacon and hazelnut ice creams blocked by a layer of dry caramel.

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Chocolate Bacon Hazelnut Cigar Dessert
Chocolate Bacon and Hazelnut Cigar (P280.00)

I did say that I was in Opus only to dine, but hey, we wouldn't leave without trying at least one of their signature cocktails from their lounge!

LEFT GLASS: White Peach Margarita - this was mixed with Cuervo 1800 and strawberry puree with pink salt and sugar on the rim. Not too strong, but not too faint either; it's the perfect drink for the ladies.

RIGHT GLASS: Strawberries and Lemons - made up of strawberries, lemons, and Absolut Vanilla Vodka. And then here's an interesting thing: I didn't know that mixing balsamic vinegar reduction and coarse cracked pepper could be done on cocktail drinks! I'd definitely be picking this one out when I come to Opus for drinks.

Foodie from the Metro - Opus Restaurant and Lounge Specialty Cocktails

And then my favorite cocktail of all: Molecular Lychee Martini! Why do I love it? Mainly because of the organic coconut foam on top! LOL. It was that good! And then at the bottom of the drink, you'll have a sweet surprise before finishing it because you'll encounter the small molecular lychee pearl!

*Drinks from Opus' Lounge were conceptualized by international mixologist, David Dennis.


When you're looking for your next luxurious feast, then it should be Opus all the way! You'll be assured of the quality of every dish because each and every bit of it is treated like an art piece that's meticulously prepared and thought of! Aesthetically, it doesn't disappoint. Gastronomically, it doesn't even disappoint either! So if you're looking for that new and unconventional way of experiencing food, you should drop by Resorts World Manila and say hello to Opus. It will definitely help you rediscover and redefine the 'fun' part about dining!


As of September 2012. Photos taken from Jotan, my WIM friend!

Opus Restaurant Menu Starters
Opus Restaurant Menu Grill
Opus Restaurant Menu Mains
Opus Restaurant Menu Special Set
Opus Restaurant Menu

"Foodie from the Metro" : Opus Restaurant & Lounge | Redefining the Dining Experience


# | michymichymoo said...

I didn't they that they serve good dishes until I read about Gaugin at Spot. Do they still have it? :)

# | Cris | Pinay Thrillseeker said...

I love the rustic ambiance! If you haven't written what's with the starter salad, I wouldn't be able to guess it as well. :D

# | yaniconquistadora said...

Been to this bar and resto early this year for a tech event . So grandiose and luxurious from decors, ambiance to their offerings.

# | animetric said...

Funny but I didn't know they actually had dining options and the food actually looks good! It's always bar and party mode when I go to Opus haha.

# | stacy said...

I've been wanting to try Opus for quite some time now.  But, the price is a bit hefty for my budget.  Is it worth every cent? =)

# | Aileen A. said...

Pricey indeed, Stacy! :) But for me, it was worth the price! Because the experience, the taste, as well as the 'fun' in knowing what was served before you was an interesting time during our dine in XD

# | Buge said...

I'm into bars but I will try going there one time for the dining experience. I love their food presentation.

# | Tekwangm7 said...

Awesome review and photos! But you'll never catch me having foie gras ALIVE hahaha

# | Shirgie Scf said...

is it just me or there is really something eerie about the interior decoration of this resto? ANyway, when I look at your food pictures and your review, I stand in awe of their foods...

# | Dems said...

Wow, this is a culinary adventure that I'd like to experience. Each dish is very creative, especially the Caesar salad :D I have to save up for this pa :)

# | ricky bernardino said...

Interesting place and food, sadly I'm living in Davao but I will definitely go to this place if ever I will go to Manila in one of my trips =)

# | ricky bernardino said...

Interesting place and food, sadly I am living in Davao City. But I will definitely try this place in one of my trips in Manila =)

# | Ria Hazel said...

Nice! I never thought that there are delectable dishes at Opus. Ive always considered them as the bar type. I think I need to revisit that :)

# | Kin Enriquez said...

cool place, will visit this soon

# | Kin Enriquez said...

Cool place, will visit this soon

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