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'Tis the season to be jolly! ...and jolly we will all be! This coming Christmas Figaro has it all for you: from pastries, cakes, tumblers, and other merchandises that's sure to spice your holidays!

Just this month, I was invited by Figaro as they introduced the different products that they will be offering this Christmas season: first up would be their pastries! First up is their signature Christmas Cupcakes, lovely bite-sized goodies that are only worth P80.00 a piece and not only does it taste good, chocolatey, and moist but it's also wonderfully decked with golden dragées and tidbits.

Foodie from the Metro - Christmas Treats Cupcakes
Christmas Cupakes (P80.00)

Now I apologize if the below food are not in their pristine condition... I mean, hey, a foodie that's hungry has got to eat, you know? LOL. But at least, in this way, you'd know that they were really delicious!

A slice of their Red Velvet Cake was like a slice from heaven! Moist and oh-so-creamy, this is the perfect cake that you could let yourself indulge into. The Triple Chocolate Toffee Bar is no different because it is as sinful as it could get: chewy and packed with that familiar muddy goodness of chocolate, this will surely bring a party to your taste buds!

Foodie from the Metro - Christmas Treats Red Velvet and Toffee Bar
Red Velvet Cake (P110.00/slice) and Triple Chocolate Toffee Bar (P95.00)

Now here's something that's quite new for us Filipinos. A scone which is a common delicacy from Scotland is typically made of wheat; it could often be dry and spongy. Nonetheless, like I said, this could surprise your palate a bit, especially with the rosemary herb that they have added to this treat. Honestly, this Cheesy Bacon Scone didn't really catch my favor especially because I'm not friends with rosemary; but this is worth the shot if you're looking for something different and new!

Foodie from the Metro - Christmas Treats Cheesy Bacon Scone
Cheesy Bacon Scone (P55.00 for single, and P145.00 for merchandise)


There are three merchandise that I'd like to highlight from Figaro and these are (from left to right) the Premium Tumbler, the Frosted Tumbler, and the Artisan Mug! If you ask me, these would be perfect for gift-giving!

  • Premium Tumbler (P420.00) : stainless steel mug with silk screen Figaro logo
  • Frosted Tumbler (P200.00) : acrylic tumbler with jelly frost
  • Artisan Mug (P495.00) : brown mug with embossed logo (3 1/4 x 4 inches)
No worries about the packaging either because Figaro actually has Christmas-themed packaging in store as well! That's preparedness for you!

So this coming holidays, make sure to check out Figaro's merchandise, or drop by even for a while; have some coffee and take a bite from one of their Christmas treats!

Other Existing Promos

Figaro also has current promos that you shouldn't miss!
  1. For UnionBank Credit Card holders: Enjoy 10% discount for every P200 minimum single receipt purchase of food and beverage at Figaro.
  2. For BDO Credit Card holders: When you buy 1, you get 1 free on their milk tea, brewed coffee, and bakes selections
  3. For BPI Card holders: Get a free hot drink on your order of Figaro's specialty cakes.
  4. Free P100 Figaro Gift Voucher: Whenever you buy P350 worth of Conzace at Watson stores.
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"Foodie from the Metro" : Figaro | Christmas Pastries and Merchandise


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The premium tumbler looks great! :) I might buy one for myself. :P

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The cupcake looks heavenly.  =)

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