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One of the many things that I love about Japan is that they make such small and lovely concoctions that are not only aesthetically pleasant but also gastronomically delicious! And if you think of Japanese sweets, I bet that one of the first things that would pop to your thoughts is mochi!
Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is made of glutinous (sticky) rice. People in Japan usually make this every New Year and it is called as the ancient tradition of Mochi-tsuki (mocha making). Usually, after cooking the glutinous rice, it will be pound in mortar paste until it's lump-free and silky-smooth. This will then be formed into small balls, mostly with different fillings such as red bean paste. [To know more about mochis: click]
Now, whenever you crave for this delectable treat, here's one place that you should definitely check out: Dezâto Mochi Café! ...well actually, I didn't go to their café, but what I did get to experience was a delivery of their mochis during our WIM celebration! YUM-YUM!

Foodie from the Metro - Dezato Mochi Cafe
Box of Mochi Balls (P395.00) - 12pcs.

If you're around the Quezon City area, then drop by Hemady St. at New Manila and you're bound to see their quaint café.

Dezâto is owned by a young entrepreneur, Maria Gorre, who first established their presence back in 2006 in specialty bazaars. They've performed quite well over the years, so now they have expanded into a café of their own under Dezâto Mochi Inc. They do not only offer cakes, pastries, chocolate truffle mochis, ice cream mochis, but they also offer savoury dishes and comfort food (such as beer battered fish fillet, adobo flakes, and more!)

Foodie from the Metro - Dezato Mochi Cafe Mochi Balls dozen

The box that we received had 12 pieces of mochi in it and it came along with a guide/illustration showing what flavors were included in the box! It was really helpful!

Now what's lovely about Dezâto is that their mochis are all prepared fresh and they're treated and made like chocolate truffles that melt in your mouth! ...well, other than being sticky and yummy too!

First two of the four flavors in this box of wonder was the White Chocolate Green Tea (L) and Milk Chocolate (R). The White Chocolate was such a surprise; it became an instant favorite for me! The blend of the mild green tea along with the strings of creamy white chocolate was a great combo. The Milk Chocolate didn't disappoint either, but since the White Chocolate with Green Tea was a new one, then surely it was bound to capture my palate more. Haha! Nonetheless, I loved how the Milk Chocolate was generously coated in cocoa powder.

Foodie from the Metro - Dezato Mochi Cafe White Chocolate Green Tea Milk
L: White Chocolate with Green Tea
R: Milk Chocolate

The rest of the flavors were White Chocolate with Walnuts (L) and Dark Chocolate (R). For a crunchy adventure, the White Chocolate with Walnuts would be a fun eat for you. Meanwhile, as you'd expect it to be: I loooooveeeed the Dark Chocolate variant!

Foodie from the Metro - Dezato Mochi Cafe White Chocolate with Walnuts and Dark Chocolate
L: White Chocolate with Walnuts
R: Dark Chocolate

These are such tempting treats! And here's more good news for you: their mochis come in other different flavors! I suggest that other than watching out for them in bazaars, just head on to their café in QC and you're bound to have a good time! (They have free WiFi and board games in there!)

To entice you even more, here's a photo of their ice cream mochis! I don't know about you, but just looking at this photo makes me crazy! I want me some mochi!

Foodie from the Metro - Dezato Mochi Cafe Ice Cream Balls
Dezâto Mochi Café
Facebook: click!
Twitter: click!
Phone No: (02) 727-1229
Address: 100 Hemady Street, New Manila, 1100 Quezon City
Operating Hours: 12PM to 12MIDNIGHT
See their menu and rates: here!

"Foodie from the Metro" : Dezato Mochi Cafe | Mochi Madness!


# | Robi Marapao said...

They all look so delicious; haven't been to their cafe yet but I'm sure I'll love it once I get there. I guess, I like the dark chocolate more. 

# | Franc Ramon said...

The only mochi I know is the white  one.  Now, I want to try all the flavor.  They look really yummy.

# | michymichymoo said...

It's been a while since I had a mochi. I'll try this soon! :)

# | Debarpan said...

I think you must give a try to Indian sweets,it's more delicious......if u could  make a try with them,u won't be disappointed I hope.

# | Mom-Friday said...

I love Dezato mochis!!! 
Receiving a box as a gift last year was one of the best food presents I got and I savored every bite! I got to try so many flavors. :)  Hope I get one again this year!

# | michymichymoo said...

It's been a while since I had a mochi. I'll try this soon. :)

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