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I used to always have the time to cook for my own meals; but lately, with all the work and events that I've been doing, I find it impossible at times to even work my way into the kitchen. In fact, I'm guilty of ordering from KFC too much whenever those lazy evenings would come and greet me... and just when I thought I was a lost case, I then discovered... Quick Delivery! Have you foodies tried them out? If you haven't, then you should! They're hard to miss given their impressive list of partner restaurants!

That's why last Tuesday, I decided that it was time for that change! (I seriously have to let go of KFC... haha!) I started to browse through Quick Delivery's list when Arya caught my eye. At that point, I realized that I haven't had the chance to try Arya despite passing by their Greenhills' branch for like... I don't know... a million times already? So with that, I decided that I'll be ordering from them!

Foodie from the Metro - Quick Delivery Arya Persian

Now the beauty about Quick Delivery is you could simply text them and then an agent would call you back on your mobile for your order. Other than this method, you could simply call them through your landline or order from them online. I was about to push through ordering online, but halfway through, I decided to do the 'text' method to see how this kind of service could work.

I texted the number on their website and within just 5 minutes, an operator called my phone. I suck at names so I couldn't remember anymore what her name was, but anyway; overall, she was very bubbly and easy to talk to! And I must note that I was very impressed when right after I told her all of my order in just one go, she instantly gave me the total value that I would be charged for! I mean, I don't know what kind of magic she could do, but when I was compiling my orders online, I think it took me a good two minutes to find the items that I wanted and wait for the site to show my total bill. But, whoaaaa, she on the other hand had it all down in just seconds! ...I'm sure of it: she memorized all of the menus, she has a fast system-whatever or yeah: she has powers. Quick Delivery operators have powers!

Haha, kidding aside, I was just impressed! We ended the call, but to my surprise, she called me back immediately. She reminded me nicely that I didn't order for bread despite ordering the Arya Dip Platter. Knowing that, I revised my order and made her include a basket of bread. Whew! I was very thankful that she reminded me of that because it totally slipped my mind!

In an hour and so-so minutes, the delivery guy from Quick Delivery arrived at my apartment. The food at that time was  already mildly hot but I didn't mind especially when I saw how all were packed in microwaveable plastic containers; I knew instantly that I could just quickly pop 'em in for reheating.

Foodie from the Metro - Quick Delivery Arya Time

Like what I've said earlier, I ordered for the Arya Dip Platter (P319.20). This included Hummus, Motabal, Tzitziki and Mhirza Ghasemi. Generally for this one, I was happy when I saw that the condition of the dips were okay, they weren't messed up and all; Mr. Delivery Guy clearly handled these goodies well.

Foodie from the Metro - Quick Delivery Arya Dip Platter

Now I'm not that familiar with the Persian cuisine, so from all the dips, I found that my palate was well-suited with the Mhirza Ghasemi. Coming in close second was the Hummus; the rest of the dips were a bit odd to the taste, but fine still.

Foodie from the Metro - Quick Delivery Arya Dip Mhirza Ghasemi
Mhirza Ghasemi
Puree of smoked eggplant in tomato sauce, garlic, and egg.

Foodie from the Metro - Quick Delivery Arya Hummus
Puree of chickpeas with "Tahina" paste and extra virgin olive oil.

Foodie from the Metro - Quick Delivery Arya Tzitziki
Drained homemade yogurt with cucumber, garlic, mint, and extra virgin olive oil.

Foodie from the Metro - Quick Delivery Arya Persian
Motabal / Baba Ghannuj
Puree of smoked eggplant with "Tahina" paste and extra virgin olive oil.

My other order was the Koobideh Platter (P424.20) since I wanted to try all the types of their kabab koobideh! This platter included the chicken, beef, and lamb sort; and as per the Persian cuisine, kabab koobideh are skewers of grounded meat that are seasoned with spices and onion.

Foodie from the Metro - Quick Delivery Arya Kabab Koobideh

It was very meaty, juicy, and flavorful; plus, much to my surprise, I think this might be the only lamb that I'd ever eat! (I'm really not a fan of lamb meat! I know right... it's a big mystery. Haha! So I'm glad to know that I've discovered an 'excpetion'. Woot!) And oh, I also had a half order of their Basmati Rice (P80.85).

Foodie from the Metro - Quick Delivery Basmati Rice Arya

...Simply put: I had a small Persian party in my apartment. And yes, I eat that much, and I am proud of it. Haha! The dips were something that I would have to get used to, but at least if I ever dined in Arya's restaurant in the future, I'd know what 'mazeh' I would go for. (I'm not sure but I think 'mazeh' stands for 'appetizers').

Foodie from the Metro - Quick Delivery Arya Persian Feast

For an overall, this first experience with Quick Delivery was a good one, especially with how the operator had impressed me with her service while she was taking my order; I really felt like I was sufficiently taken care of. Of course, add how I enjoyed Arya's food then I am set to order from Quick Delivery again. ...Soon!

*Note: Prices above do not include yet the delivery fee.
Quick Delivery
To order online: http://www.quickdelivery.ph/
To call: 212-1212
To text a call: Send a message to 0918-2121212 and wait for their call.

Arya Persian Restaurant
FB: http://www.facebook.com/aryapersian.restaurants

"Foodie from the Metro" : Quick Delivery | Arya Persian Restaurant


# | Lourdes Espanol said...

Those dishes look really yummy. I ordered twice already at Quick Delivery and they are indeed efficient.

# | Calel Noble said...

The koobideh platter looks really delicious aside from the awesome lookin' sides.  They have a branch in Rob Place in Manila, will check 'em out soon :)

# | jo-ann said...

That was a great meal. I love their dishes its not common and I wanna try also. http://www.describeher.info

# | michymichymoo said...

 I love Persian food, but I haven't been to Arya. Must visit the Podium branch soon! ;)

# | Itsberyllicious said...

wow! i must say the food were handled really well by the delivery man :) Now i'm craving for persian cuisine! :)

# | eccentricmelai said...

Heard a lot of good things from Arya...one of the best Persian resto in the metro. And I didn't know that they have delivery service. Wow! gonna try it soon

# | shykulasa said...

Im one fan of persian food too and quick delivery did a good job, will definitely try their service one of these days.

# | Chriselle Sy said...

Ay wow, I didn't know about quickdelivery! Saved it in my book marks for next time! Hehe

# | Carmiscaprice said...

Persian food party! :) everything looks delish


# | Renz Alcantara said...

Husband will flip if he reads this!  He likes humus and I am too lazy to do it for him haha. We've tried Arya but didn't know they were on Quickdelivery too. Great photos, it made me hungry! :D

# | animetric said...

I haven't tried Arya yet but what you ordered sure looks yummy! I wonder if Quick Delivery caters to our area...

# | Guia Obsum said...

I haven't tried Arya yet but the appetizers look intriguing. At least a lot different from the usual fast food fare.

# | yaniconquistadora said...

What a great Persian fix :) I suddenly miss their dishes. Will have to dine in their QC branch soon.

# | Esca.Be.Che and friends said...

The pictures look greeeaaaatt! As for Quick Delivery, they have good service, except maybe mispelling names. They did to mine but heck, they did deliver so I guess that's okay. LOL

# | Rhose said...

The food looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing this.

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in Manila

# | Aileen A. said...

No problem! :) I'm glad you liked it!

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