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If you've read my previous post [read here], then yes foodies, some of you guessed it right! The M3 stood for Maggi Magic Meals: a new innovation that would make cooking easier and faster for us busy bees! Guaranteed!

Foodie from the Metro - Maggie Magic Meals

What's new about this? Well, the Maggi Magic Meal promises a full meal (rice + viand) within only 45 minutes! No need to prepare spices and whatnots; all you'll need to do is to prep the meat, add water, mix the powder, and cook it along with the rice and... poof! You're set to go!

It sounds too good to be true, right? When I first found out about it, I was intrigued as well, so I decided to try and see the product for myself! And to sum it all up: by the end of it all, the product's promise was true: I no longer had to go through any more hassle and I even totally felt like a cooking pro when I got the chance to taste the 'final product'!

Foodie from the Metro - Maggi Magic Meals M3

The M3 Adventure!

For my first M3 adventure, I decided to try one of their four variants, the Lechon Paksiw!

Foodie from the Metro - Maggi Magic Meals Lechon Paksiw
FIRST STEP: Cut a half-kilo pork belly into small pieces (20mm x 30mm); of course this isn't provided with the product. LOL. And oh, NO NEED to prepare oil, garlic, onions, salt, vinegar, or the like... since the Maggi Magic Meal mix is already complete! If there's no pork belly, you can opt for skinless and boneless pork tenderloin.

It is also recommended that you only put 1/2 kilo of pork, more than that and the dish might not achieve the desired taste that it should originally have.The pork must also be sliced small, don't put the whole of the pork in! Haha! Or else, the pork won't be cooked thoroughly. (Defrost the pork if necessary).

Foodie from the Metro - Maggi Magic Meals Pork Preparation
SECOND STEP: When you open the Maggi Magic Meal pack, you'll find this small folded plastic with a red tape over it. That's the Maggi Magic Bag! Carefully peel off the sticker and open it; place the pork inside this bag.

No worries about this bag because it is made of 100% food grade polyester which is durable and can withstand heat, so it won't melt or burn inside the cooker later on or something! It is even approved for use by the US Food and Drug as well as Europe Directive, so this is not like any other plastics. NEVER EVER substitute ordinary plastic for this Maggi Magic Bag, and DON'T also reuse it! No need to also wash this bag since it's already clean even before they've packaged it!

Foodie from the Metro - Maggi Magic Meals Instructions
THIRD STEP: Once the meat is in the bag, pull out the packet that contains the powder mix for the lechon paksiw. Pour this recipe mix in! Like I said above, NO NEED to add any other spices or seasoning since this powder mix is already a complete recipe!

Foodie from the Metro - Maggi Magic Meals Instructions Cooking
FOURTH STEP: Add 1/4 cup (or 6 tablespoons) of water into the mixture inside the Maggi Magic Cooking Bag. It is not recommended to put more than 1/4 cup of water, BUT you can lessen the water if you want a thicker soup/sauce.

Foodie from the Metro - Maggi Magic Meals Mix and Massage
FIFTH STEP: Tie the Maggi Magic Cooking Bag by making a knot to tightly seal the bag. Remember to allow a space inside the bag so that later on, the ingredients may lay flat in the rice cooker. So yes, leave a pocket of air inside the bag; this is needed for proper heat and circulation.

After tying it up in a knot, gently massage the bag to evenly mix the contents. (If the bag is punctured or torn accidentally or while massaging, empty all the contents into a pot and you can cook it there instead for 45mins). You can also prepare this mixture a night before to marinate the meat and put it in the refrigerator; but since this is chilled, please extend cooking time by 15mins to ensure that ingredients get cooked thoroughly.

Foodie from the Metro - Maggi Magic Meals Rice Cooking
SIXTH STEP: Wash your rice and put it in your rice cooker as you normally do; this won't affect the cooking of M3. And then, put the Maggi Magic Cooking Bag on top of your rice inside the rice cooker and then cover it!

You can use a pot instead of a rice cooker and the cooking time will remain to be 45 minutes. NEVER use a microwave to cook the Maggi Magic Meal. And DON'T cook the rice inside the Maggi Magic Cooking Bag; rice should be cooked inside the rice cooker.

Foodie from the Metro - Maggi Magic Meals Quick Cooking Time
LAST STEP: Cook everything in your rice cooker or pot for only 45 minutes! Now the beauty of M3 is that you don't need to check if it's already cooked; it has been tried and tested that within 45 minutes, it will cook! (...given that the meat slices are of required small size).

Ensure that the rice cooker or pot is covered all throughout the cooking time so the ingredients get cooked thoroughly. You can extend the cooking time (especially if you have marinated and chilled the meat and mixture), but other than that, extending the time might overcook the meat or vegetables that you might want to mix in.

FINAL PRODUCT: DIVINE TASTING LECHON PAKSIW! LOL! But seriously, I can't believe I could whip up a dish like this in just 45 minutes! I can now pack some lunch for work without doing any of those cooking thingamajigs! And of course, there was no need for me to cook my rice and viand separately; I can cook them both all at the same time!


  • How much is the Product?
    - Only P35.00! (SRP)
  • What are the variants?
    - Afritada, Bicol Express, Chicken Pastel and Lechon Paksiw
  • How many people can 1 pack serve?
    - The pack, with ½ kilo of meat and the vegetables will serve 4-5.
  • Are there preservatives in the mix?
    - Only natural preservatives such as sugar and salt.
  • What if I only want to cook the viand? Can I cook without rice in the rice cooker or pot?
    - Yes you can! Just put water inside the pot and place the bag.
  • Can I just cook the viand and mix in a pot without the cooking bag?
    - Yes, but it is recommended to cook the viand and mix along with the bag to maximize the product's benefit.
  • How can the meat be cooked inside in this way?
    - Meat gets cooked by convection through the heat of the water while you're cooking your rice as well as through the steam that the Maggi Bag captures.
  • For the chicken meat in the other variants (Afritada and Chicken Pastel) what type of chicken can I use?
    - You can use chicken pieces or chicken tenders.
  • Can I use fish or seafood instead?
    - Yes, cooking time will still be 45 minutes but just be careful when massaging since the fins or bones of the seafood may puncture the bag.
  • Can I use beef, goat, or other red meat?
    - Using other kinds of meat may not bring out the best result.
  • Can I cook more than 1 M3 Cooking Bag inside the rice cooker or pot at the same time?
    - It's recommended to cook only one bag at a time; but if your rice cooker or pot is big, it is possible to put more than one bag as long as the bags have proper contact with the boiling water.

Being such a go-getter, I highly appreciate products such as these because not only can I have a good-tasting meal, but it saves me from my usual long hours of cooking time. I also save money on this because I don't need to buy the other spices or seasoning, I need only the meat and the Maggi Magic Meal pack. I don't also need to wash a lot of pans or utensils later on after I finish cooking!

More than how this helped me as a working chick, I bet this could greatly help mothers as well! Given how M3 is also very affordable, then this is a sure steal! So head on to your nearest grocery store and grab a Maggi Magic Meal! It's sure to make your days of cooking easier and hassle-free!

"Foodie from the Metro" : Maggi Magic Meals | Cooking Made Easy!


# | michymichymoo said...

Nice! This is the M3 pala. :) Very convenient if you don't have the time to cook. :) Bravo, Aileen!!! :)

# | Ladiesoda said...

I just purchased Bicol Express and I am so excited to try it! Great presentation there sis! love it! :)

# | animetric said...

Wow, what an interesting product. I can't cook to save my life so this looks like something to check out!

# | Rovie Divinagracia said...

tried this while I was in the grocery and it was so great! buying another one :)
The Bargain Doll

# | gigi celemin said...

Yeah! its some kind of good innovation and a lot of helpful especially for busy moms.  But did they mention if the plastic used in this process is PBA-free? is it still safe when heated?

# | Aileen A. said...

Hi Gigi! If you check Step #2 above, I've stated how the bag is 100% food grade polyester which is durable and can withstand heat, so it won't melt or burn. I'm not sure for PBA(?) but this is approved for use by the US Food and Drug as well as the Europe Directive. So yes, it is safe! :D

# | yaniconquistadora said...

Maggi seems to be very innovative. A smart step for them and very economical.

# | Guia Obsum said...

This is so cool. I can't cook and there are times we don't have a cook. So I'm keeping this on my list. Thanks for this! :)

# | Allen Michael Gurrea said...

The rice cooker I have changes from "Cook" to "keep warm" in 15 minutes, does this mean that I have to let it stay at "keep warm" for an additional 30 minutes? Won't the rice dry out ? :)

# | Aileen A. said...

Wow. Does your rice get cooked in just 15min? AWESOME SAUCE! Haha. Or is that a defect? But yeah, technically, this should cook for a total of 45mins. :) On my end, the rice doesn't dry out. I suggest, you try cooking this in a pot instead if your cooker has defects or something..? :O

# | Allen Michael Gurrea said...

Yes, it is true. the Cook button goes to keep after that.. and if I let it stay for a while longer, the rice would dry out. :)

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