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Almost 8 months have passed since the grand launch of J.Co Donuts and Coffee, and what do you know...? It's still as strong as ever! I don't think I've ever passed by any branch of J.Co without seeing either a crowd inside or a long line outside of the store. It's crazy!

Everybody's going loco about it, and I absolutely think that it's reasonable. Back when it was still new, I had the chance to try it [read it here] and I was blown away! This month, I was back to the MOA branch as I was invited to try out their other products. But before I go on, let me just say: I love J.Co!

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee

Coming back to this branch (since I usually frequent their Greenbelt one) was like greeting an old friend. The same warm and romantic lighting and the same pop mural that I loved greeted me as per usual! (Okay, I know, it's not like it would be renovated all of a sudden LOL). And oh, if case you didn't know, the wall's cartoon art was designed by a local artist, Charlene Villamor, so props to her!

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Wall Mural Art
Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Order Station

Before the feast started, I decided to lounge around to spy on their donut makers. *cue suspenseful music* Haha! But really now, I don't think I'd mind working in this shop; just one look at the sauces that they had and I just totally felt like I wanted to dip my head in it!

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Sauces Dips
Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Preparation Cook Chef

When I finally calmed down... timely, our feast began. I have to admit that I rarely ordered drinks from J.Co, it's mostly their donuts that I go gaga for so I was very happy when we were given the chance to try some of their best sellers!

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Drinks

*IMPORTANT: Below pictures show cups as samples (for tasting) so they are not the actual size.
Take note that the Uno size is 12oz and Due size is 16oz.

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Iced Thai Tea

Iced Thai Tea
This was a refreshing milk tea blend that had a not-so-strong, not-so-light taste of black tea and had the perfect balance of sweetness.
UNO (12oz): P100.00
DUE (16oz): P115.00

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Cafe Avocado Drink

Café Avocado
Unlike the Cappuccino Avocado, this one was a lighter-tasting alternative, meaning: a lighter coffee taste, thus making the avocado part stand out the most.
UNO (12oz): P120.00
DUE (16oz): 135.00

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Iced Green Tea

Green Tea Frappe
Like how any green tea Japanese matcha should taste like: murky and as green-tea-y as possible! This was blended with milk to lighten the bitter taste of green tea.
UNO (12oz): P130.00
DUE (16oz): 145.00

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Orange Yogurt Frappe

Orange Yogurt Frappe
Using J.Co's very own J.Cool yogurt base, this is the perfect drink for summer! Zest and sourness sounds like an unlikely mix, but this blend works!
UNO (12oz): P135.00
DUE (16oz): 150.00

Hot Hazelnut Latte: Smooth, light, and heart-warming! Packed with notches of hazelnut, this is one of those drinks that you'd best opt to buy when you're looking for a mildly sweet pick-me-upper in the mornings.

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Hot Hazelnut Latte
UNO: P120.00 | DUE: P135.00

Capuccino: Always a freshly-made espresso, here's a fun trivia for you: apparently, this drink was made by an International Barista Champion! This is the perfect drink for those cold nights or chilly mornings, as it gives you mild sweetness but with a good kick of caffeine!

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Jcoccino
Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Jcoccino Cup
UNO: P115.00 | DUE: P130.00

J.Cool Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt: Finally had a chance to try this solo! Upon tasting it, the composition was more like along the lines of: 65% sweetness and 35% sourness, which I think was fine in itself. One thing you'd enjoy about this is the range of toppings to choose from! For my case, I opted for the Strawberry Mochi, while some of my companions went for kiwi, blueberry, and the like.

IMPORTANT: Cups below are for tasting purposes only;
they are not the actual cup sizes offered by J.Co.

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee J.Cool Frozen Yogurt
Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Strawberry Mochi
Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Yogurt Fat-Free
SINGLE: (+1 topping) P95.00 | COUPLE: (+2 and +1 free toppings) P140.00
SHARING: (+3 and +1 free toppings) P190.00

Surely I wouldn't leave J.Co without even tasting their donuts! So before I left them with a happy tummy, I had a chance to have some Alcapone (Belgian white chocolate topped with Californian almonds), Blue Berrymore (filled with cream cheese topped with blueberry sauce), and Mona Pisa (sausage bits, glaze and tomato sauce).

Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Blueberry More and Alcapone
Foodie from the Metro - J.Co Donuts and Coffee Mona Pisa
PER PIECE: P42.00 | 6PCS: P230.00 | 1DOZEN: P350 | 2DOZEN: P550.00


See first post/experience on J.Co here: [ click ]
J.Co Donuts and Coffee
BRANCHES: Megamall, MOA, Greenbelt, and Trinoma

"Foodie from the Metro" : J.Co Donuts & Coffee | Drinks, Donuts & Yogurt


# | michymichymoo said...

Still. haven't tried. hahahaha! :P

# | Franc Ramon said...

It's been 8 months and I still haven't tasted a single donut.  That's how strong they are that the queue still remains long in buying their Donut.   I hope I get to try it before it turns a year old.

# | Rizza Javier said...

I can't wait to get my first JCo donut in December. You guys have built up all the cravings and curiosity in me. hahaha!

# | Aldous Calubad said...

I love J.Co  I always fall in line at their Trinoma branch.  A few days ago, I took out a half dozen of Why Nut since it is my favorite flavor

# | Brick Cruz said...

Looks good! they seem to have so many flavors of doughnuts.

# | Calel Noble said...

I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about J.Co but still unable to visit them.  Will definitely check them out tomorrow :)

# | Theresa Montino said...

i always read about J.Co donuts on blogs and other reviews. It's just that I haven't visited any branch yet. Hope to have time soon! :) nice post btw. :)

# | U8mypinkcookies said...

Choconuttzy, Alcapone and Don Mochino is the best for me <3

# | Ang Sarap said...

I hope we have to type of donut shops here, we have a very limited selection.  I guess they dont like donut here as much as we do in the Philippines

# | Sofia Byrd said...

This has to be the BEST donut shop ever!! I am now craving both coffee and donuts....yumm!

# | dlysen said...

nakakagutom talaga ng mga post eto.. kaya minsa ayaw ko mag blog hop sa mga food, dahil talagang na tatakam ako sa galing nila mag blog, photo with descriptions. 

# | Blanca said...

I super love J.Co.  Before when they weren't here yet, I would buy boxes in SG and bring it here. Happy to see them in major malls, the one in ATC'll be open soon, excited here.:)

# | Jerry culala said...

One complain that I have, Why is the donut dough manipis, Like air filling inside. In regards with their competitor, thats my number thing i noticed

# | Leigh Fifi said...

it sounds like a fun place to grab a snack and hang out. i feel that i gained weight by just checking out these pictures. interesting variety of drinks as well as interesting doughnuts, from pizza doughnut for a quick brunch or lunch, or a sweet doughnut for an early breakfast with a cup of coffee. 

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