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The weather hasn't been really good to us lately... Other than alternating from extremely hot to extremely cold days, it would even rain too hard, threatening Manila time and time again into going ala-Atlantis! Simply put: Philippine weather is bipolar. Nonetheless, may the temperature be ridiculously high or ridiculously low, may you already be swimming in flood or in your own glorious sweat, there's always that one treat that could cheer you up: ICE CREAM!

We all scream for ice cream and if you've been a reader of my blog for some time already, then I bet you've seen my previous post about this nifty concessionaire that I've discovered in bazaars and food fests: Picket Fence! (See my past post here). I love them! And the good news here is that you won't have to wait for them anymore to pop out in bazaars and whatnot because now, you can go directly to them! Yes! Picket Fence now has kiosks in malls! In SM MOA, SM South Mall, and SM The Block to name a few!

Foodie from the Metro - Picket Fence Milk Ice Cream Bar Kiosk SM MOA
Born last September 2011, the Ko family set up Picket Fence Milk and Ice Cream Bar in an aim of serving the ultimate comfort food in the form of ice cream, milkshakes, and other delectable desserts imaginable!

Picket Fence's ice cream is actually imported from leading premium ice cream brands in Australia. These are: Everest and Norgen-Vaaz! Other than their usual ice cream selections, at times, Picket Fence would offer limited edition premium ice cream flavors.

Foodie from the Metro - Picket Fence Milk Ice Cream Bar Cup

For the flavors, please let me re-introduce them to you again! As of to date, Picket Fence now has new flavors other than from what I've posted before. I was invited to check out their MOA branch and as much as how they want to offer all of the ice cream flavors that they could, with their cart and SM limitations, they can only offer 10 flavors at a time. So during my visit, these were the ones made available:

Foodie from the Metro - Picket Fence Milk Ice Cream Bar Flavors Gelato
  • Celo's Cookies and Ice Cream : Cookies and cream. 'Nuff said.
  • Orange Gigi : This, along with ChiChi Chocolate Chip and Delle Macadamia Nut were named after The Morning Rush trio! Namely Gino, Chico, and Delamar. For this Orange Gigi, if you're up for some frozen ice-candy-like taste, then this is the treat for you!
  • Rabo Rainbow : According to them, this is a hit for the kids! It tastes much like vanilla but revamped to make it more appealing to the young ones.
  • MeiMei Mint Cookie : I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't like minty things. But if you love it though, then this would be perfect for you! It has crunchy chocolate cookie bits too!

Foodie from the Metro - Picket Fence Milk Ice Cream Bar Flavors
  • Wordy's White Choco : this is white chocolate ice cream with chocolate bits and caramel swirls! One of my favorites!
  • Bee Bee Honey : This was a new flavor, and if you're up for something that's close to the dulce-de-leche taste, then you'll love this honey-sweet ice cream that has crunchy honeycomb bits!
  • Rocky Chunky Choc : Mi paborito! Haha! Full of chocolate chunks and chocolate ripples, this is the best 'rocky road' ice cream for me!

Foodie from the Metro - Picket Fence Milk Ice Cream Bar Display Selections
  • ChiChi Chocolate Chip : As per the name, this is all chocolate.
  • Delle Macadamia : I looooveeee how there were a LOT of macadamia nuts in this one! And it is definitely packed with flavor goodness.
  • Leeny Vanilli : Good ol' vanilla ice cream!

Too bad my other favorite, Tiffy Strawberry, wasn't offered that day! But I was satisfied nonetheless because I indulged myself with a cup that has two separate scoops of Leeny Vanilli and Orange Gigi! Other flavors that they have are: Koko Coffee, Sany Lemon, Biko Baeto, Jaffa Jack, Rum and Raisin, and more! I guarantee that you'll love Picket Fence as much as I do because their ice creams are packed with so much flavor; something that we totally deserve to get from these cold pick-me-upper desserts.

Foodie from the Metro - Picket Fence Milk Ice Cream Bar Order

Due to SM regulations, they can't offer their other dessert products in their kiosks... but! They now have a branch at Harbour Square at the CCP Complex, so I believe that they're offering fresh milk and malted milkshakes over there!

They'll also be opening a dine-in setting at the FRB Arcade in Katipunan and at ASEANA Building that's near S&R Baclaran; so you better watch out for that! Me? I'm definitely going to try their malted milkshakes!

What's even cooler about Picket Fence is that even though the ice creams are imported, the price is very reasonable! A scoop of ice cream is P60.00 (small cup), two scoops equals P110.00 (big cup, can be different flavors), malted milkshakes at P120.00 and fresh milk at P70.00 per glass!

Picket Fence
Tel No.: 242-4305

G/F North Entertainment SM Mall of Asia (Near Music Hall)
G/F Food Street SM Southmall (Near Racks)
3/F SM The Block (Near Burgoo)
Harbour Square at the CCP Complex

"Foodie from the Metro" | Picket Fence Milk and Ice Cream Bar | Expansion!


# | Kai Grafia said...

Oh what a cute stall they have!! :) and looking at all the flavors, I'd try them all - not at once though. HAHAHA

# | Sumi Go said...

Wow, this Picket Fence's ice cream is affordable ah! :D I haven't seen this yet either in SM The Block or SM MOA, but I'll definitely check their ice cream offerings out the next time I visit those malls.. ^^ Would love to try their milkshakes too!

# | Allen Michael Gurrea said...

I'm also looking forward to their branches outside of SM so I can try out their milk shakes :) 

# | Pepper Tan said...

Those look so yummy and tempting!  I miss ice cream!  I haven't had any in a while.  I'm sure my daughter will love those too.  I like how you said it.. "Philippine weather is bipolar" LOL

# | Sargo said...


# | musings of a working mom said...

whenever i see ice cream, i always wish to eat one.  it's so tempting and their stall looks great.  i wish i can try one. 

# | michymichymoo said...

I'd love to try this! Ortigas branch please! :)

# | yaniconquistadora said...

I am a sucker for premium ice creams....I wanna try this as soon as possible!

# | Aileen A. said...

Their milkshakes are only available I think in Harbour Square and in their other upcoming branches because SM only allows them to sell one type of product--so ice cream lang :D

# | Franc Ramon said...

I love ice cream and would love to explore the unique flavors of picket fences.

# | Rizza Javier said...

I enjoyed the photos! Looks very tempting!!!

# | Ang Sarap said...

I love the names of the ice creams

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