DADS Ultimate Buffet | DADS Kamayan Saisaki

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DADS Saisaki Kamayan - DADS Ultimate Buffet

15 West Ave
West Triangle, Quezon City
Business Hours: 6PM to 10PM DAILY
MON - FRI: 11:30AM to 2:30PM
SAT - SUN: 11AM to 2:30PM

Phone: (02) 372-8845 or (02) 413-6359
Cuisine: International
Budget: Php 1000
Type: Buffet
Payment: Cash or Credit Card
Overall Rating: 

Three great buffets in ONE!

You're mental if you don't like buffets... Come on! Everybody wants a food feast! Especially if there's a wide selection from different cuisines, and more especially if the food is NOT bland! So whenever I'm thinking of a buffet place that offers that kind of service and also comes at an affordable price, there's one name that would immediately come to mind: DADS Ultimate Buffet!

From the same people who brought us Sambo Kojin,  DADS, Kamayan, and Saisaki have been in operation since 1993 and they have become quite a hit with us Filipinos given their culinary specialties: DADS for continental, Kamayan's for authentic Filipino fare, and Saisaki's for anything Japanese

Recently, their West Avenue branch has been newly renovated and as a Foodie from the Metro, I wouldn't miss trying it!


DADS ambiance is simple; it doesn't boast of luxury but it was still classy. The place was also spacious! I didn't get a chance to take a photo of it but behind the sushi station is yet another spacious room that has several individual function rooms.

Now I haven't been to this branch before it was renovated, but according to the owners, what's new in this spot is that they've joined the bandwagon of buffets who feature an 'open kitchen'. So we could now enjoy watching the chefs cook the food before us and we can even make special requests as they prepare our meal.

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Ambiance and Decor
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Dining Area


What sets DADS Ultimate Buffet apart from the rest of their competitors is their personalized customer service! ...and everybody's really nice and accommodating too. We all know how in buffets, it is up to us to go around the area to scout for our food-for-the-day. But in DADS, there are waiters who would give you more of the DADS experience!

I've even managed to gather their four costumed staff who were doing their regular rounds! It was very cool and they were even game enough to strike a pose! You could simply call these guys out whenever you see them so that you could get your own fix of DADS most sought out food.

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Personalized Service
Personalized Service
Mr. Tempura Guy for your dose of tempura, Filipino fare from this KKK-looking incarnate, Temakis from... let's just call her Ms. Temaki, haha! And finally, Mr. Kabab! (P.S. You could absolutely ask for Mr. Tempura's hat and have a photo op!)

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Mr. Kabab

Other than these guys, there also roving musicians that would stop by your table to sings songs; it could range from the old Filipino songs up to the more recent ones: say, Lady Gaga! Haha!


Like how I normally do things, I resisted the urge to attack the food and resorted to taking pictures first of their selections, so you could all see what DADS could offer you. Yeah, that's how much I love you guys. Haha!

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Saisaki Station
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Sushi
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Japanese Dare
Sushi Bar
LOTS and LOTS of choices for sashimi, nigiri sushi, makimono/sushi, flavored sashimi, rolls, and temaki!

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Tempura and Agemono Bar
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Tempura
Tempura and Agemono Section
TEMPURA: Harumaki (vegetable), ebi (shrimp), kani (crab), kisu (fish), ika (squid), kake age (vegetable), nasu (eggplant), and satsumaimo (sweet potato).
AGEMONO: Fried gyoza, tori corn flakes, tonkatsu, kani minoage, etc!

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Teppanyaki And Yakimono
Teppanyaki and Yakimono Section
TEPPANYAKI: Yaki soba, gyuniku yasai teppan, buta yasai teppan, saisak steak, genghis khan, salmon teppan, fish fillet teppan, etc.
YAKIMONO: Yakitori, kani bacon, beef roll, niku shita (ox tongue) and more!

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki KamayanNimono Section and some Agemono
Nimono Section and some Agemono
NIMONO: Teba saki, salmon kimi yaki, orange chicken, teba chili, nagisa, grilled beef with chili sauce, fish fillet and giant squid with creamy egg sauce, and moreeee!

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Mushimono, Soup, and Nabemono Section
Mushimono, Soup, and Nabemono Section
MUSHIMONO: Chawan Mushi | SOUP: Miso soup and seafood vegetable soup | NABEMONO: Sukiyaki special, zaru chasoba and gomoku shio


Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Kamayan Lechon De Leche
Lechon de leche (4-6 week native suckling pig roasted to golden brown crispiness)

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Filipino Cuisine
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Ulam
Filipino Cuisine
Yaman dagat, pusit lumot, kuhol sa gata, sisig, kare-kare, binagoongang baboy, kalderetang baka, laing, barbecue, pakbet, lumpia, pla-pla, adobo, rellenong bangus, chicken pandan, binusog na pusit, bangus belly, mechado, fried squid, pancit molo soup, and moreeee!

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Filipino Desserts
Filipino Desserts
Halo-halo, buko pandan, kakanin (fried bananas, sweet potatoes, glutinous rice, rice cake, etc.), green mangoes with bagoong, turon, bibingka, puto bumbong, kamayan salad, 

- DADS -

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Salad Bar
Salad Bar (Create your own salad!)
Caesar salad and corn salad; lettuce-lola rosa, boild eggs, carrot strips, cheddar cheese cubes, pineapple, cucumber, sliced onions and tomatoes. With dressings. Cheese and cold cuts!

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Pasta Section
Pasta Section (Create your own!)
Lasagna and mushroom eggplant lasagna | Fettucine - Penne - Spaghetti | Sauces: Pesto, tomato, bolognese, and bechamel

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Roast Turkey
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Roast Beef and DADS Ham
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Carving Section
Roast Turkey | Roast Beef | Roast Leg of Lamb | DADS Ham
Barbecues (seafood, pork, and beef kabab), Seafood (swordfish fillet, tuna pesto, seafood thermidore, and marinated squid, Chicken (pringles, souvlaki, and hot salad), Beef (lengua, callos, beef ribs, and lamb curry), Vegetables (buttered and mixed greens), Appetizers (beef carpaccio, assorted canapes, nachos, etc.), and Soup (seafood and vegetable chowder).

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan DADS Paella
DADS Paella

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Desserts Station
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Cakes
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Cakes for Dessert
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Fruits
Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Ice Cream and Crepe Bar
DESSERTS : Ice Cream Bar, Crepe, and Fondue
Apple cake, black forest, snow egg, blueberry cheesecake, butterscotch bar, creme puff, mousse, cupcakes, etc. etc. etc!

Can you believe it?! The selections were waaaay too many! And it was crazy how there are four carvings that were available!

As for the fondue, you won't see the typical chocolate tower here; they only have a bowl of the chocolate. The reason for this is because of how they put much care on food hygiene since most kids would stick their fingers in on fondues, so instead, the management thought of ditching that and serving a bowl of it instead.

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Drinks
You can order for drinks too! (Not included in the buffet price.)

Meanwhile, here are shots of some (stress on the 'some') of my plates. As per usual, I consumed more than this... but... no regrets!! Haha!

Foodie from the Metro - DADS Saisaki Kamayan Foodies Plate

  • Carvings: You have GOT to try it all out! It's not everyday that you could find a buffet that would offer ham, lamb, turkey, and beef all at the same time!
  • Tempura: You should have seen this coming. Not soggy, adequately big, and oh-so-yummy!
  • Rolls: Other than it being aesthetically pleasing, the flavors could pack quite a punch! So you should at least try some of 'em.
  • Lechon de Leche: Crispy and mouthwatering! Don't miss out on this!

DADS Kamayan Saisaki will make you feel totally cared for given their unique personalized customer service; add their range of food selections across different cuisines then you're in for a treat! So if you're looking for a feast or for a place for any social occasion then DADS Kamayan Saisaki can you give you an experience that's worth raving over!

*DADS Kamayan Saisaki also has branches at Edsa, Glorietta, Megamall, and Padre Faura.

Lunch (MON - THURS) : P595.00
Lunch (FRI - SUN) : P695.00
Dinner (DAILY) : P695.00
Holidays (Lunch and Dinner) : P695.00
For kids below 4 feet: P290.00

Lunch (MON - THURS) : P555.00
Lunch (FRI - SUN) : P655.00
Dinner (DAILY) : P655.00
Holidays (Lunch and Dinner) : P655.00
For kids below 4 feet: P265.00

Lunch and Dinner (Daily) : P415.00
For kids below 4 feet: P225.00

"Foodie from the Metro" : DADS Ultimate Buffet | DADS Kamayan Saisaki


# | Franc Ramon said...

I really love the buffet experience with Kamayan, Dads and Saisaki as they provide you with the wide range of variants from Filipino, American and Japanese.

# | Journey Ni Ikoy said...

Because you mentioned Sambo Kojin then Dad's Ultimate  Buffet must be really good. I had been to Sambokojin twice only because I go to Manila once a year only and still just can't get over it. With these perfectly taken photos, next time I'm in Manila I will definitely look for Dad's =)

# | michymichymoo said...

Dami mong kinain Aileen!! :) Joke lang. :P Glad to see you again, kita kits soon! :)

# | travelingmorion said...

OMG- the lechong baboy:) and the sweets... hayst ayaw ko na talaga mag diet:)

# | Lizzie said...

Jap food is also great here. :) Though I am not much into buffet coz I have a tiny tummy. Can't fill it with more food!

# | animetric said...

Do they have a crossover buffet where you can access all three for a price?

# | Kero said...

I just finish my morning run and looking  at all these photos, I am tempted to pig out. the carving station looks succulent!! will sure check this out when we go home next time. thank you for sharing and glad to be here again

# | Sumi Go said...

It's been years since I've last been to DADS! :D Now I'm thinking of paying it a visit soon. Okay siguro to celebrate here and pig out when I get better from cough and colds :D

# | Debarpan said...

Your post make me hungry,actually the photoes...:)Hey I want to ask something,If you have an option to choose any one dish from all that,which one will u choose?I would choose Roast leg of lambs:)....And 1 more thing wat z cold cuts and how z it's taste?du u hve any more post about such beautiful dishes?

# | GilCamporazo said...

DADS Ultimate Buffet is true to its name. It's almost perfect from service, foods and price, ambiance and decor. Besides it's kamayan style which is so appetizing to eat in that manner. I love to eat via kamayan.

# | Patrick Isaac said...

I have eaten here for lots of birthday parties! I like them. But I love Vikings and Buffet 101 in SM Mall of Asia. Much more choices plus greater tasting food

# | Jhon doe said...

The food it was so great but the service it not coz they close to
Mush early,some of there food was gone they not refil the food
It not yet at time coz it was almost 9pm to clear all the food also some of the waiter was getting the thru d buffet to eat either we are not yet finish to our buffe

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