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I just knew that I had to have one last taste of summer before the rainy season comes in! So last May 26-27, we went to Baler for a surfing trip! I've never tried surfing before, that's why this has been quite a memorable one for me. ♥ If you want to read more into my experience in Baler, head on to my personal blog here [ click ].

Baler - Sabang Beach

Now, of course, a foodie like me wouldn't let the trip go by without trying the food spots in Baler! Our trip was brief and spent mostly on surfing, but we managed to try a few but good places which I would like to share:

1. Bayler View Hotel
The dining experience may not have been 'five star' per se, but they could really serve such hearty dishes for starving people like us who had just finished a grueling day of surfing! We spent breakfast with them during our first day, which was a very sunny day. The serving was small actually, but I love how I get the feeling of 'homemade goodness' from this plate.

Baler - Bayler View Hotel Breakfast

When I was looking for a good drink for this morning, I saw the phrase "Buko Juice in a Shell", I knew instantly what I would be ordering for! Like seriously now, a beach trip won't be complete without sipping coconut juice from it's shell. Haha! One sip in and I was delighted; the juice tasted mildly sweet; just how I like it!

Baler - Coconut Juice in a Shell

Later on, we dropped by with them for a snack since one of our companions said that we should try their Chocnut Turon—and we did! The turon rolls were served neatly like a starfish, with a scoop of ice cream in the middle, banana slices, and then drizzled with chocnut syrup for a final touch! It tasted very good!

Baler - Chocnut Turon Snack

2. Rolling Stores
You shouldn't leave Baler without trying the cheap comfort food from Rolling Stores! It's this place near the Museo de Baler that's lined up with small eateries or karinderyas; just ride a tricycle and say the name, and they surely know where it is, besides, this is a popular spot for surfers whenever hunger strikes!

Baler - Rolling Stores

Why Rolling Stores? Because their stalls used to have wheels (they were food carts), providing food to locals especially those who are in the nearby hospital. Eventually, they permanently set up their eateries in this area.

One of the stalls that you should try is Shane's Eatery, said to be the most visited spot for its delicious food! We were told that we should try their lechon paksiw, and it was indeed great!

Baler - Shane's Eatery

3. Gerry Shan's Place
Another popular place in Baler! This used to only serve ala carte of Chinese dishes, but they eventually came up with a really sweet deal: buffet for only P150!!!

They serve good tasting food and a lot of choices, so I don't know about you, but this was definitely sulit to me! They are open 24 hours (so yes, an all-day buffet!) and to make things even better for your tummy, the P150 that you'll be paying would also include unlimited iced tea!

Baler - Gerry Shan's Place
Baler - Gerry Shan's

What I loved most about the offered choices were the nilagang baka, calamares, and dinuguan! And above all: the steamed pako! This is known as fiddlehead ferns in English; now, why do I love this? Because it makes me remember my life back when we were still living in our province, Batanes! I actually didn't know at first that this is called as pako in Tagalog; besides, I thought this was only availble in Batanes! (LOL) In our place, we call it tamiduk.

Baler - Gerry Shan's Buffet
Baler - Food Line Up

Very, very, sulit!

Before we left Baler, we dropped by their Pasalubong Center where I shopped for a few knick-knacks to bring home to my mom. There, I bought the Baler suman, Aurora's peanut butter jam, and Coco Jam which my mom loved!

I didn't have a chance to take a picture of these three goodies, but the Baler suman was the winner for me. I bought the suman type which was made from red rice (purple colored) and I'm glad I did because it tasted just right! I usually plunge my suman in large doses of sugar just so I could taste something from it, but this Baler suman didn't make me do that! It was sweet on its own, so I regretted how I didn't buy more of this bunch.

Mom also loved the suman very much, and unlike me, the peanut butter jam too. (You see, I don't like anything in peanut butter). I asked for her opinion and she said that it wasn't very strong in taste, but it fitted her palate very well. As for the coco(nut) jam, it wasn't anything new but it was great all the same.

Sure enough, what we've done wasn't much of a food trip (well, we were there for surfing anyways). We had a great time so luckily, we're going to Baler again, soon! So I'm hoping to try other places in the area; would you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! ♥ I'd be forever grateful. Thank you!

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# | michymichymoo said...

I've read about Gerry Shan's in other blogs and I'm going to try it when I visit Baler again! ;)

# | Tin | The Average Jane said...

I've never been to Baler before.  It looks so nice.  =)

# | Raymund said...

This post made me miss fresh buko in shells

# | Lor said...

Hooray for Peanut butter jam! :)

# | Aileen A. said...

...the only peanut butter thingamajig that I'd ever try :))))

# | Sumi Go said...

Oh my! Ang daming food at ang mumura!!! :D My friends and I will *hopefully* go to Baler too before the month ends. Will be suggesting these food spots to them! ;)

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