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I'm not really a pizza lover. But I could make a few exceptions, and one of those would have to be S&R's (Sol and Robert's) good-for-value New York style pizzas! Why this sort...? It's not only big in size, cheap in price, but also, oh-so-very-good to the taste!

SnR Shopping - Pizza Garlic Shrimp
Pizza Garlic Shrimp

It was very flavorful, with acceptably-largepacked with shrimps, and lots of cheesy flair that could really pack some oomph! You could get this 18-inch pizza for only P549.00 or P99 for a slice! They have other pizza flavors like Pizza Pepperoni, Pizza Combo, and Pizza Cheese but the Pizza Garlic Shrimp has always been my favorite!

SnR Shopping - Pizza Garlic Shrimp Box Menu

The only 'downer' for this is that if you're not a member of S&R Shopping, then you can't get in. So you either have to borrow a friend's membership card or just register yourself as a member (S&R's local and international grocery goods are really, really, cheap! Membership can be in Annual Gold - P700 or Annual Business P900. Learn more of it here.)

Actually, if you're a member you'll get to avail their crazy perk called Member Treats! This happens every March and September of the year, and I say crazy because it is crazy! You'll get 50% discount on products that are actually cheap in the first place!

Now, my workplace is very near S&R's Taguig branch, so most of the time, my office mates would drop by this place if we have to buy pizzas to celebrate something/anything or if we simply want to have a big serving of lunch/dinner at a very reasonable price. (I also recommend their Roast Chicken with Rice! It's not only juicy and tender, but served in a big size as well!) 

S&R's food service section also offers the following food selections:
As of March 2012.
  • Roast Chicken with Rice - P99.00
  • Pepperoni or Vegetable Calzone - P119.00
  • 100% All Beef or Polish Hotdogs - P99.00
  • Bavarian or Cinnamon Churro - P39.00
  • Beef Baked or Chicken Baked Roll - P149.00
  • Cheeseburger - P99.00
  • French Fries - P49.00
  • Chicken Caesar Salad - P129.00
  • Clam Chowder - P79.00
  • Bottomless Soda - P39.00
  • Deli Bar

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# | U8mypinkcookies said...

omg that's my fave!!  i also like their cheese pizza and my family loves pepperoni.

# | avagabondmom said...

it's been a while since I've had S&R's pizza and churros. your post just made me hungry. :D

# | Raymund said...

Wow I love New York Style pizza! Just look at that.

# | Diana said...

I love their pizzas and calzones! My favorite is their Pizza Garlic Shrimp! 

# | Lia said...

that looks absolutely delicious!


of Fashion


# | Chad Ting Ramos said...

there's an S&R pizza place at Pure Gold cubao, they even have a combo promo. P99 for a burger/fries/large drink combo or a pizza/large drink combo (the food serving is huge!)

# | Aileen A. said...

Wow, seriously??? That's overkill! I'd love to go there and be a total pig HAHA!

# | ibfc said...

Just a quick question, do you need to be an S&R member to get in and buy pizza only, not shop. I'd love to try the pizza but I don't want to be a member kasi. Thanks!

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