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Bon Chon Chicken - Philippines

University Mall, Taft Avenue
Malate, Manila
Business Hours: 9AM to 10PM Daily
Phone: (02) 516-1818
Cuisine: Korean
Budget: Php 200
Delivery: Yes, Minimum order of P300
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Overall Rating:

Chicken Like You've Never Had Before!

Who hasn't tried Bon Chon? Me, obviously—until I recently (and finally!) had the chance to try this original South-Korean double fried chicken! ♥

Bon Chon is a Korean word that means "original village"—they wish that we seek for their chicken much like how we seek for the comfort of our hometown. This is actually quite a hit over at New York given their flavorful double fried chicken from Korea; a cooking technique where the first fry will remove all the fat and grease which then makes the skin crispy, and then the second fry will commence after hand-brushing the chicken with their secret sauces. (Still, the sentence itself 'double fry' still scares me. I can just imagine all the oil that those chicken went through! But double fried chickens are said to be healthier(?)... well, actually, it's up for you to decide. Haha!)


Bon Chon branches have been sprouting all over the Metro and all over the whole Philippines too! (I've heard that there's going to be a branch in Davao soon.) And I had the chance to visit their branch over at my dear alma mater's neighbor—the newly-renovated University Mall at Taft.

From their façade alone, I was greeted with hues of black, white, and red along with minimalistic graphic designs and silhouettes of people and buildings. Inside, I saw the same design along their glass and wood dividers whereas the walls were adorned with framed pictures and graphics that are all about Bon Chon. And actually, for a quick-service restaurant, I was surprised to see that the place was really, really, spacious and classy.

Ambiance of Bon Chon Philippines

Being that it was a weekend, there wasn't that much people in the restaurant but my companions told me that during normal school days, this place will always be packed with hungry students.

Decor and Restaurant of Bon Chon Philippines


In Bon Chon, you order at the counter, you''ll be given a number, and then they'll serve you at your table. For me and my friends, we ordered the following treats during that one lazy afternoon.

For me, I got the Chops Ricebox which includes a cup of rice and two pieces of thigh parts in soy garlic—now this taste and experience really didn't disappoint me! The chickens were fried golden brown and the skin was really crispy! There wasn't even a hint of flour or breading *thumbs up* and the soy garlic taste was divine and sweet; in short, this was such a joy to eat. Meanwhile, the meat was even tender and justly moist.

Chops Ricebox Double Fried Chicken - Bon Chon Philippines
Chops Ricebox (P145.00)

If you're not in the mood to eat rice, you can opt for their Chicken Sandwich Box. This was one BIG sandwich that was slapped with lettuce, a big slice of tomato and spicy mayo and then topped with two huge chops of double friend chicken. What's more is that it comes along with lots of hand-cut fries and a cup of iced tea! A very hearty meal indeed, but not a good choice for healthy eaters. (But hey, there are cheat days. *wink, wink*).

Chicken Sandwich Box - Bon Chon Philippines
Chicken Sandwich Box (P145.00)

Lastly, we also tried one of their best-sellers, the Bulgogi Ricebox. Bulgogi or neobiani means "fire meat" and it is a typical Korean dish of marinated or barbecued meat; but, usually this would be thin slices of beef sirloin. For Bon Chon, their bulgogi was on top of rice and mixed with greens and caramelized onions. Much to my expectations, this tasted savory and sweet!

Bulgogi Ricebox - Bon Chon Philippines
Bulgogi Ricebox (P145.00)

These three dishes that we ordered each came with a glass of light and zesty iced tea (P28.00). Though the color of the drink looks pale, it surprisingly didn't taste watered down.

Iced Tea - Bon Chon Philippines


...My Bon Chon experience was brief but I can say that I got what I came for. Their prices were a bit pricey, sure, but you'll be assured of the quality of these double-fried chickens. Besides, I have heard that their chickens are imported from South Korea. And with the minimalist but classy ambiance of these chain of restaurants as well as the satisfying service of the crew, I can guarantee that this can be more than just a fast food spree.

I'll surely come back to try their spicy sauced chickens, Fish Taco, Bulgogi Wrap, Kimchi Coleslaw, and more! And oh, I have got to try their Koren Yogurt, next time too!


As of March 2012.

Menu of Bon Chon Philippines
Menu of Bon Chon Philippines
Menu of Bon Chon Philippines

"Foodie from the Metro" : Bon Chon Chicken | Better Late Than Never


# | Sumi Go said...

My lil sis and I loves BonChon! :) It's pricey, but it's good. When you get the chance to visit SM North, try 4Fingers too. Their chicken is also similar to BonChon's, but I think they're a little cheaper :)

# | Mary de Guzman said...

Did you notice the designs of the walls (the sillhuottes)? It's tailored for the schools around that area. Pretty cool. :p I've been here several times already but I've only ever tried their chicken... but I've definitely been eyeing the bulgogi for some time now!

# | avagabondmom said...

For me, the chicken was just ok.  Maybe I was too tired from waiting in line to get a table for our group that time. I guess I'd have to give Bon Chon another chance. :)

# | U8mypinkcookies said...

thumbs up :))

# | Raymund said...

The place looks cozy!

# | Tin | The Average Jane said...

I still haven't tried Bon chon.  Hehehe!  =)

# | Michymichymoo said...

I'm supppppppper duppppper late na talaga! Haven't tried it pa! hahahaha! :)

# | richiez168 said...

For me, its the wings that brings out the best flavor of the chicken.. particularly the "wingette" cuz you get the best taste of the skin's crunchiness =D 

Try Manangs Chicken too and do a comparison! I'd like to know what ya think :)

# | Itsberyllicious said...

Best part of bonchon chicken is the crispy and sweet skin.. yummy! :)

# | Aileen A. said...


# | Aileen A. said...

I'm planning on trying their wings next time, thanks for that tip ;) Haha! And oh yeah, I saw Manangs Chicken last time at the BFF, but didn't have the time to try since I was running all over the place. XD I'd definitely let you know! But for you, what's better from the two? :D

# | Aileen A. said...

Hahahahahah! That's what my friends told me too: "Ngayon mo lang to na-try?" Hahahah! Yeaaah XD

# | Aileen A. said...

Yep, a classier type of fast food place. ;D

# | Aileen A. said...

It's the skin that stands out the most for me; but I still doubt the health part. :))

# | Aileen A. said...

Now that you've mentioned it, I didn't inspect the silhouttes much. Why? Does it signify DLSU/CSB? XD Haha I'm from DLSU too. XD 

# | Aileen A. said...

Oh I've heard of 4Fingers too! Ayaaan, Manangs Chicken and 4Fingers--up next for me, I hope! Haha! XD

# | richiez168 said...

hard to say what's better.. Bon Chon is crispier, but for me, when you eat the skin, the meat itself is exposed as  a little bland.. Manang's may not be as crispy but it's more flavorful.. IF you enjoy sweet sauce :)  

# | Aileen A. said...

 I see; thank you for that! :D And I do enjoy sweet sauces, so I will definitely try Manang's soon. Thank you! :>

# | Yunny_ptc said...

Chicken Charlie's taste comes closer to Bon Chon's. I've yet to try 4Fingers :)

# | Anton Sarah Santos said...

there are a lot of korean restaurant opening here in manila, even the famous yoogane in korea had already open a branch here in Quezon City. 

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