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I've never been to live cooking demos—the closest that I can get to such things like that are through cooking shows like the Asian Food Channel. Haha! So I really considered myself lucky when I was invited to Choco Confections at the Treston International College: a live demonstration of Chef Hasset Go on chocolate recipes and techniques using Puratos' newest product: Carat Ganache. (Much thanks to Mark for the invite!)

Puratos Carat Ganache Chocolate

Chef Hasset Go is a famous 24-year-old pastry chef who is currently the senior chef instructor at the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro and owner of MedChef, a pastry shop along Quezon City. He has also appeared on local TV in programs such as Junior Masterchef, Umagang Kay Ganda, 24 Oras, and Unang Hirit among others. And just last February 8, he worked his magic with Puratos' Carat Ganache at the Treston International College (BGC, The Fort) in front of food entrepreneurs, press people, bloggers, and foodies.

Chef Hasset Go at Treston International College

Puratos, on the other hand, is an international manufacturer of ingredients for baking, confectionery, and chocolate; and one of their recent innovative productions is the Carat Ganache. I'm no pâtissière (yet!) but from what I do know, ganache is a sauce, filling, or glaze that is used on cakes and pastries. This is usually prepared by melting or blending chocolates with cream—it takes some time, and it's actually tough for chefs who live in a tropical country like ours to deal with regular chocolate because we have too much heat and humidity. So, to answer that problem as well as to simplify the process and optimize baking time, Puratos came up with this ready-to-use ganache that is made from premium compound chocolate.

Now I have no right to further discuss the specifics of this product because I really don't know what it would mean (haha!) but I do know that I have readers who are bakers and pâtissiers so I will lay out the information for this Carat ganache in the latter part of this post. But for now, since I'm a foodie, let me show you first the unforgettable chocolate feast that was laid out before us!

First up was Chef Go's Whoopie Pie; this was made up of two round chocolate cakes sandwiching the creamy Carat ganache filling and then dusted off with confectioner's sugar on top. Watching Chef Go prepare this chocolatey treat sent off alarm bells in my head because I was expecting an abomination of sugar! ...But I was wrong. It didn't taste too sweet and I liked the moistness of the cake followed by the smooth velvety texture of the Carat ganache. For a short say: it was addicting!

*The picture below shows the actual whoopie pies that some of the participants help prepare; and Chef Go used two round cookies instead of cakes. But what I tasted were made of chocolate cakes and were more aesthetically pleasant.

Whoopie Pie

Next were the Toffee Muffins injected and topped with Carat ganache and drizzled with dulce de leche. It was sinfully full of ganache and I just loved how there were toffee bits in these muffins!

Toffee Muffin

The Almond Cappuccino Bars are, as the name goes, cappucino bars topped with Carat ganache and dredged with roasted almonds. I'm not much for cappucino-tasting pastries, but this was a sweet ride for my tastebuds.

Almond Cappuccino Bars

For a quick heavenly bite, there were Fun Hazelnut Fingers made of two rectangular butter cookie shortcrusts sandwiched on Carat ganache and praline hazelnut fillings. Some of us have joined in decorating the top by sprinkling on some confectioner's sugar—these weren't called 'fun' for nothing!

Hazelnut Fingers

Meanwhile, Chef Go mentioned that bakers and pastry chefs would usually have a lot of leftover cakes or cut out scraps, so he helped present an easy-to-do recipe so there wouldn't be a need to throw those away: Cake Pops! You'll just have to mix leftover cakes, Carat ganache, and some roasted nuts. Afterwards, you'll roll those into balls and let it freeze; for the final touch, you dip them into melted Carat ganache and you're done!

Cake Pops

To spoil us even more (which I really didn't mind!) Chef Go went on to prepare some delectable cakes! First was the Mocha Cake Roll. This was made of sponge cake roll with dulce de leche filling, topped with Carat ganache, choco bits and thin chocolate strips (which were decorated with colorful stripes made from a chocolate transfer sheet.) It was really fascinating how he made this cake with such flawless movements! (Gaah, now I really want to start learning pastry-making!) The taste, of course, didn't disappoint! Though it was full of such sweet, chocolatey, and creamy flavors, it wasn't really too overpowering to make me shy away and say no.

Mocha Cake Roll

Second cake was the Chocolate Tart piped with lots of Carat ganache.

Chocolate Tart

And then to outdo himself, Chef Go prepared an Almond Ganache Torte. With a moist chocolate cake as a base, it was first filled and topped with ganache and then placed in the freezer overnight (this was done beforehand). And then finally: glazing, which is what I particularly enjoyed watching Chef Go do! End result: it made me feel like it was such a crime to destroy the wonderfully decorated cake; but still, I'm glad I did because the cake was sufficiently moist and the Carat Ganache was just the perfect match for it!

Almond Ganache Torte

Aaaah, I can still remember the taste of all of these chocolatey pastries and cakes! And yes, ladies and gents', the filling, glazing, and decorating parts were all done in a breeze! Surely, Puratos' Carat ganache could really help the food entrepreneurs.

As promised, here are the specifics of Puratos' Carat Ganache:
Puratos Carat Ganache Product
Puratos actually offers seminars and workshops in their head office; therefore, you can contact them directly to taste and to know more about Carat Ganache as well as their other products. Simply call them at (02) 838-5110 to 15.
Chef Hasset Go
(02) 732-3355


Treston International College
(02) 871-6179

"Foodie from the Metro" : Puratos Carat Ganache | Live Demo of Chef Hasset Go


# | Michymichymoo said...

Wow! Everything looks delicious! ;)


# | Mary de Guzman said...

Did you take the first shot? o: You are so lucky you were able to attend this event. It looks really interesting and fun! His creations look EXTREMELY beautiful, so I bet the demo itself was excellent as well. :)


# | Kathy Ngo said...

Kagutom naman yan ... I want the one with almonds!

# | Raymund said...

I got a chocolate overdose just looking at those wonderful photo of yours.  Yum!

# | athena bellotindos said...

the toffee muffins are doing it for me.
wow, this is like the most hunger-inducing post i've seen today T_T

# | Swexie said...

The best part of a cooking show (or live cooking demo) is that part where the audience gets a taste of what the chef prepared. Lucky you! Hehehe!

# | RC Gweniful said...

i won't be visiting food blogs from now on.  tomorrow is my first day of the master cleanse.  i don't wanna torture myself.  kakagutom. 

# | Yuuki said...

do u get to taste those cakes? when and how can i get invited ba to those events? super inggit mode...

# | Julie said...

Bam! Calorie and sugar overload! But you can never say no to these.. arrggg! Ang saraapp!

# | Tess Chancellor said...

my favorite part is the tasting of the food .The audience gets the chance to eat the chef's finished products.

# | gagay said...

 how i wish i could witness like this also..i am very envious with food bloggers.. ;(

# | Nancy said...

Almond Cappuccino bars for the win! :D 
So lucky you!

# | travelonashoestring said...

I love the almond cappuccino bars!!!  Chef Hasset Go is so kind and accommodating.

# | mheanneojeda said...

it's the whoppie pie, almon ganache tort and chocolate  i am drooling of now! you're lucky indeed to actually see it in person and taste the Puratos delight!

# | yaniconquistadora said...

sugarrrrrrrrr rushhhhhhh.. Chef Hasset I wanna meet you too! :))

# | docbien said...

now I am getting hungry. This is definitely provoking me to ruin my diet. :-)

# | Sionee said...

wow! this is so cool! How I wish I could also attend and experience such! Love the pics! :P

# | Itsberyllicious said...

chocolates galore! yummy! :)

# | Gio of The Hungry Giant said...

If somebody won't/can't fall in love, drool, or at least appreciate (with a passion), what was presented...he/she has no soul!!!!! hahahaha The creations are amazing. :D 

# | Aileen A. said...

Ay Mary, no, haha! That's a photo that was part of the PR materials. And thank you! This was actually my frist time to know and meet Chef Hasset Go. :)) LOL I felt like I was left out before this because I didn't know who he was haha. XD

# | Aileen A. said...

 Yep, got to taste 'em too! Sometimes the PR people invites us or they're looking for bloggers too. :D If an event comes, I'll try to tell you ;)

# | Sumi Go said...

Awww.. All these are making me crave for chocolates!!! Too bad I wasn't available for this event.. :( Maybe I should just buy my own Puratos Carat Ganache? XD

# | stacy said...

Now ko lang narinig yung brand na yan ah.  Sa supermarket meron?

# | Between Bites said...

Very extensive details on the event! Love it!  Wish I was there :)

Between Bites

# | Aileen A. said...

Ang alam ko wala pa as of late kasi new pa lang siya; if there are interested buyers they advised us that they should call their office or visit their office na lang :D

# | stacy said...

ah sayang I prefer convenience when buying =/ 

# | Raf Verbraeken said...


like the Puratos Center for breadflavour and keep up-to-date with the latest Puratos tastes!

# | Vbaldos said...

For orders or inquiries, you may reach us at 8385110 to 15. Our office is located at Bldg 2 Mangosteen St. Cor. DBP Ave. FTI Complex, Taguig City.

You may add us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/puratosphilippinesinc or you may follow us on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/puratosphilsinc.

Thanks everyone! :) Thank you also to Ms. Aileen for her wonderful photos and write up for this chocolatey blog.

All the best!

Puratos Phils. Marketing Department

# | Puratos said...

We have moved in to our new office. Please find below new details. We are also on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/puratosphilippines) and instagram (@puratosph)

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