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J.Co Donuts - Megamall
The Strip, SM Megamall
Julia Vargas Ave
Mandaluyong City
Business Hours:
MON - THUR: 8AM to 10PM
SUN - SAT: 8AM to 12AM

Phone: (02) 508-9182
Type: Café
Budget: Php 200
Delivery: No
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Overall Rating:

Sharing The J.CO Way.

Donuts are the new chocolates. Yes. Really.

Last Monday, we dropped by J.Co's first Philippine branch in Megamall—days after its official opening since I wanted to avoid the the long lines and whatnot's. J.Co is really hard to pass up because I've been hearing and seeing a LOT of buzz about this brand; naturally, I wanted to see if it is as good as everyone has been saying.

J.Co Donuts - Al Fresco and Facade

They were located at the The Strip - B and I was relieved to see that we wouldn't have to suffer through a queue—still, the place at that time had a good number of people! Now I expected J.Co to be in warm earthy hues given their billboards and ad placements that are all in loud-screaming orange... and it was! BUT! I wasn't expecting it to be such a spacious spot!

With an al fresco area, you'll have a sight to see because from the outer façade, you could witness the crew work their magic on the donuts!

Inside, I felt like the place was made just for me because I'm all for warm and romantic lighting! Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with their ambiance. But the really noticeable thing here is on how they have two large counters on both sides of the room. On your right would be where the donuts are, but you could also order your drink or your yogurt from this section (but it's best to go to the other side).

They have a lot of items on their menu actually, and I'd be showing this at the last part of this post.

Donuts Counter J.Co

Meanwhile, on your left would be where their coffee, frappe, and yogurt (J.Cool) selections are. You can choose from their finest drink ingredients like matcha green tea, Californian almonds, Italian roasted coffee, among others. And also, there are fruit and dry toppings for your own kind of yogurt serving.

J.Co Coffee and Tea Menu Selections
J.Co Yogurt Selections

Other than this, they have ample chairs, couches, and tables; add the pop and chic cartoon scenery on the walls and it slowly bordered to being my ideal hang-out place. (This was a mural made by a local artist, Charlene Villamor). What's more is that you could even have a peek to their innermost kitchen!

J.Co Donuts Ambiance - Romantic Lighting
J.Co Donuts - Wall Mural Cartoon Scenery
J.Co Donuts Front Section

But of course, we weren't there just to gawk at J.Co's inviting surroundings... we were there for their donuts! Of course we were! So, I asked one of their cheerful staff and I learned that they have more than 20 flavors, but for that time, there were 22 available ones. Upon hearing that... I was tempted so badly to purchase two dozen of their regular donuts!

...But we weren't really planning on killing ourselves just yet through excessive sugar intake.

So good thing they have J.Pops which are bite-sized 'baby donuts'! When she showed me a sample of what it would look like, the phrase "a box of chocolates" immediately registered to my mind.

J.Pops Baby Donuts

Without any hesitation at all, we bought two dozen of J.Pops for only P250.00! And this, ladies and gents', is where the REAL gastronomical fun started... But actually, before I go on, let me ask you this first: have you watched "The Vow"? Because there was this one scene where Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams took turns in sampling a box of assorted chocolates without really knowing the exact flavor of each of those pieces... Now if you remember this, then that's exactly what we did!

Except that I was with my sister so this was very, very, non-romantic. Haha!

J.Pop J.Co Donuts

Fresh from the oven—let the fun begin!!!

J.Co Donuts - Alcapone
This is J.Co's signature soft bite donut topped with Belgian white chocolate and roasted slices of Californian almonds. This was very creamy and milky; no wonder that it's an instant favorite!

J.Co Donuts - Choconutzzy
Peanut-buttery ganache with chocolate drizzles. If I had known that this was a nutty type, I wouldn't have tried eating it. Haha! It's just that I'm not a fan of peanut butter but this still tasted great!

J.Co Donuts - Avocado DiCarpio

Avocado DiCarpio
I was very excited to try this out, but when I took a bite, the avocado fruitness was very faint and the aftertaste had this strong tangy flavor that I'm not so sure of.

J.Co Donuts - Berry Spears
Berry Spears
Filled with cream cheese, this was topped with strawberry sauce and white chocolate topping. But with the color of the said sauce, at the start I thought it was orange sauce or something. Haha! Nonetheless, this was really rich and yummy.

J.Co Donuts - Blue Berrymore

Blue Berrymore
The only difference from the Berry Spears was that this had blueberry sauce. I loved biting on to this baby!

J.Co Donuts - Chocolate Caviar Choco
Chocolate Caviar Choco
Certainly this wasn't caviar, but it looked like one. The 'caviar' were simply wafer-like munch-ons that adds a crisp in between each bite of this hazelnut-flavored choco donut.

J.Co Donuts - Strawberry Caviar Choco

Strawberry Caviar Choco
A fruity take compared to the Choco Caviar.

J.Co Donuts - Coco Loco

Coco Loco
Belgian chocolate filling and glaze; this was sinfully chocolatey as it could be!

J.Co Donuts - Don Mochino
Don Mochino
Made up of dark Belgium chocolate glaze and light cappuccino filling. Though this is different from Coco Loco, I can't help but feel that they're the same since the glaze and filling were light to the taste.

J.Co Donuts - Crunchy Crunchy

Crunchy Crunchy
Chocolate-covered donuts with crunchy chocolate rice crispies on top.

J.Co Donuts - Donna Italiano

Donna Italiano
This had a velvety filling and then coated with a creamy glaze that tasted much like coffee.

J.Co Donuts - Forest Glam

Forest Glam
Much like Black Forest types of cakes, this was topped with cherry, dark chocolate, and confectioner's sugar.

J.Co Donuts - Glazzy
Honey-glazed soft bite donut that is said to melt in your mouth; by the time I reached this piece, it was already cold so I really didn't get the chance to experience this 'melt in the mouth' thing. But even if it was cold, it was as soft and velvety as it can be.

J.Co Donuts - Green Tease
Green Tease
Macha Tea as its creamy topping and then drizzled with white chocolate sauce. What I liked about this is how there was a balanced strength of the taste of tea; because most of the sweet green tea products that I've been eating lately were either too milky or too bold.

J.Co Donuts - Hazel Dazzle

Hazel Dazzle
Hazelnut filling + Milk Chocolate Glaze + Chopped Peanuts = a recipe for a great chocolate treat!

J.Co Donuts - Heaven Berry

Heaven Berry
A strawberry cream donut topped with swirly white chocolate garnish; it looks simple but the taste could pack quite a fruity punch!

J.Co Donuts - Meisisipi

A classic: full of chocolate topping, choco filling & chocolate sprinkles.

J.Co Donuts - Mona Pisa
Mona Pisa
I'm not into savory things when applied to sweet pastries but for Mona Pisa? I could make an exception! Specked with sausage bits, glaze, and tomato sauce, I can say that this was quite an unusual one but worthy-to-try nonetheless.

J.Co Donuts - Snow White
Snow White
Injected simply with creamy vanilla filling and basked with confectionary's sugar. Simple?Yes. But rich to the taste? Defnitely!

J.Co Donuts - Oreology

The perfect donut for Oreo lovers like me! Covered generously with ground bits of Dark Oreo and white chocolate topping, I'm surely going to buy this one on my next visit!

J.Co Donuts - Tira Miss U

Tira Miss U
Oooh... this was bliss! Really, it was. Injected with flavors of espresso and topped with cocoa-powder, it's the perfect J.Co donut for coffee lovers out there.

J.Co Donuts - Why Nut

Why Nut
Another peanut-filled donut which I surprisingly didn't mind! It tasted a bit like Reese's chocolates. And oh, who wouldn't love the decorated white and dark chocolate topping?

The other flavors that I haven't tried were:
  1. Mr. Green Tea : macha tea creamy glaze with toppings of nuts
  2. Cheese Me Up : donut topped with cream and New Zealand cheese
  3. Sugar Ice : it's like Snow White but without the filling.
  4. Jacky Chunk : dark chocolate with peanuts
And some of the flavors overseas that they don't have are:
  1. Da Vin Cheez : savory donut with cheese and garlic toppings
  2. Mango Blitz : glazed donut with a mango filling
  3. Copa Banana : chocolate coated donut with banana cream filling
  4. Berry Blue : glazed donut with creamy blueberry filling
The names are really cool, too! Haha!

MY FAVORITES: Alcapone, Oreology, Tira Miss U, Hazel Dazzle, Berry Spears
MY SISTER'S FAVORITES: Alcapone, Oreology, Mona Pisa, Green Tease

Now you might be thinking, "Why would a donut brand like these be any better than the already famous Krispy Kreme?" The top-of-mind answer? It's not immensely sweet! The balance is just right; add the soft, light, and spongy texture of J.Co's donuts and you'll find yourself asking for more! (And more... and more... watch out for your health, everyone! Haha!)

I've had my fair share of 'sugar excess' with brands like Krispy Kreme. Cello's, for example, is one establishment that I haven't been back to for years because I was really turned off from their donuts; two bites into one of their selections and I found myself so sick of it.

Now back to J.Co, if you take these treats out and freeze them up, once you're ready to eat them, just leave them for only 8 seconds in the microwave and you're set! And if you like your donuts cold, it's fine because the soft texture remains. Sure enough some of their donuts weren't too note-worthy but the overall delivery and taste? YUM.

How to Enjoy Your J.Co Donuts

Of course, I wouldn't leave J.Co without even sampling one of their drinks. The staff recommended that I try their Cappucino Chip Frappe with Mocha Cream and boy, did I love it! It was the perfect pair for my donuts, though I realized that I should have gone for the hot types. Nonetheless, I'll surely be back to try their other drinks because I'd want to try their Frappe Delights like Cafe Avocado and Orange Yogurt Frappe.

Cappucino Chip Frappe with Mocha Cream
Mocha Frappe - J.Co Donuts

J.Co Donuts and Coffee hails from Indonesia and had just started last June 2005; and yes, you can say that it's an Asian version of Krispy Kreme—but better! They're a premium lifestyle cafe that offers products made only from the best ingredients and they have branches all throughout Asia. (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and China). (TRIVIA: Why is it called J.Co? I don't think anyone would know, they said it's a trade secret! I wonder why...)

So before you get left out, head on to Megamall and have a taste of their mouth-watering delights! (Soon they'll also be offering free WiFi, and SOON they'll have a branch in Greenbelt 3!)


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# | Raymund said...

I've seen a lot of post of this JCO in Facebook, now I know whats it all about.  They all look yummy and I am interested on the savoury variants

# | Sumi Go said...

I'm excited to try J.Co's donuts soon! :D I haven't eaten donuts for over a year, and although I want to like KK, their donuts are too sweet for me. I'm definitely sold with "not immensely sweet" so I'll go to megamall really soon! ^^

# | U8mypinkcookies said...

oh my, i wanna try ALL!!

# | Miss `Chievous said...

Ang cute ng mga donuts! I'd love to come here. :) Next payday! :)

# | Mary de Guzman said...

Love your posts. Sipag mo talaga maging informative. o: I can see you at the top already. Hehe.

# | Tin | The Average Jane said...

I wish they'd open a branch nearer in the south.  I've been meaning to buy their J.pops but looks like I'll just have to try them in Singapore na lang next month.  =)

# | Joana Cinco said...

OMG! A must-try!!! Looks to artsy and  fun. Not just the menu board and so on, but also their doughnuts! :) Thank you for sharing this!

# | Jhengpot said...

It's the one in Megamall right? wow...I love the 
Cappucino Chip Frappe with Mocha Cream...parang gusto ko na pumunta dun and try that.

# | Pinay Mama said...

I think I can eat them all in one sitting. Yum! thanks for sharing. never been in megamall pa. waa!

# | Itsberyllicious said...

not much of a donut fan but good thing they have jpops! :) would love to try the blue berrymore and alcapone! :)

# | Jennifer Valmonte said...

Two dozens for p250? I would love that, too, as the baby donuts are just enough for me - maybe I will go for the bigger version based on my favorite flavors. Hmmm... do you choose the flavors or they put flavors at random?

# | theresa said...

my goal once I hit the metro is to order these donuts! been really curious how it taste! :) 

# | RC Gweniful said...

now i want that box of chocolates, i mean, donuts!!!  they look so yum.  i hope there's a branch in trinoma or sm north qc coz i haven't seen one. if ever there is, i'm there now!

# | Ness said...

I love donuts and I've heard a lot of good this about this place. Will go there tomorrow. Hihihi

# | Michymichymoo said...

This is soo near but I haven't tried it yet. :(

# | Jinkee Umali said...

I will wait here in the south..Saw those constructions at ATC...

Jinkee Umali of www.calamba-online.com and www.livelifefullet.com

# | Carizza Chua said...

yayayayayayay i love jco! so soft noh, i can eat 6 donuts in one sitting! ;)

# | stacy said...

I want to try this too!  I hope they open one near here tamad ako magbuhat ng boxes pauwi. =/

# | Guia Obsum said...

I wish they'd just open the branch in Alabang already. I can't wait to taste everything! :)

# | Shashi and Beij said...

I've been to J Co twice since they opened in Megamall. I've tired Oreology, Berry Spears and Snow White. I love it!

Too bad they don't have Choco Mint Caviar, my favorite, which I tasted in Singapore. :)

Btw, just followed your blog.

# | Aileen A. said...

You can choose the flavors OR you can ask them to put anything in, randomly. (It usually depends on what donuts they have baked/or are available din that day) :)

# | Henish said...

i think the tables are kinda small. do they have free wifi?

# | Michelle Bugante said...

When I first read this, I was like... meh donuts! I'm not exactly a fan of donuts. But as I got to the bottom of the post, I changed my mind! Those donuts look a hundred times more appealing than the usual krispy kremes! Ha! I will surely check this out :)

# | jared's mum said...

i have not tried J Co yet but I have been reading a lot of raves about it online...hmm, maybe i should give it a try one of these days...those donuts are making me hungry! ;)

# | Hyanne said...

The donuts looks so delish,  I only ate donuts occasionally but seeing this pictures made me drool, I should try that place when I went home.

# | KathleenF said...

can i use some of your photos for my business math blog? I'll credit and post a link back to your blog :)

# | Aileen A. said...

Hi Kathleen! Sure thing; hope you could send me a link of your post so I could also check it out and support it. Thanks so much :D

# | Hitokirihoshi said...

agree ako sa sarap ng J.Co donuts. sulit!

# | Marc said...


# | Marc said...

thanks for that wonderful menu totorial now I know what what I want is called. avoid long lines at JCO >> all their brabch's number for store phone order and pick -up >> http://dubiouslexicon.blogspot.com/2013/01/J.Co-Donuts-philippines-branch-phone-numbers.html

# | Keith said...

Much better with Krispy Kreme ? I dont think so .. Two thumbs DOWN for their SERVICE and CLEANLINESS .. Gross ! Pinoy nga naman ,, Kung ano ang bago nakikiuso ! hahaha ..

# | luvjhetz said...

How to order J.Co Donut online..pls..pls..pls..pls..super delicious..

# | Aileen A. said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately, I don't think you can order 'online'. What you can rather do is call one of their store branches, order for the number of pieces you want and then pick it up at their location.

I think one of my commentors has a post for it. See here in his website: http://dubiouslexicon.blogspot.com/2013/01/J.Co-Donuts-philippines-branch-phone-numbers.html

# | kizia said...

do you have deliveries from there t cebu?

# | joy said...

i love buy and sale would you mind if i bought boxes of donuts and sale directly to my friends..I don*t have enough capital for franchise.The best donuts i ever taste.

# | Aileen A. said...

Hey Joy, I would not know the details of this. Best to contact J.Co directly through their number: 508-9182

Hope it works out for you! :)

# | Aileen A. said...

Hey Kizia, I would not know the details of this.
Best to contact J.Co directly through their number: 508-9182

Hope it works out for you! :)

# | mitch said...

sna po mgkroon n branch sa tarlac

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