Mercato Centrale | Newest & 10th Food Market: "Carnivale" in Venice Piazza

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Foodie from the Metro Carnivale Food Market Venice Piazza Taguig

Here's one GREAT news for the metro foodies! The Mercato Centrale Group has come up with yet another gastronomic haven, namely, 'Carnivale'! Located at the Venice Piazza Mall in McKinley Hill, Taguig, this is to date, the Group's 10th food night market and it's very promising.

Launched last December 12, the opening was celebrated with live circus acts and acoustic bands; which was surely fitting for its theme. I was luckily one of the special guests for the night, and it was a joy to be able to see yet another one of Mercato's ideas!

Where to Eat? | Top 10 Chiang Mai Street Food Dishes

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Top 10 Street Food Dishes in Chiang Mai Thailand

Thai food is famous for its spiciness, but in northern Thailand, especially in the district of Chiang Mai, influences from Burma and China are distinct. This results to milder curries and a more pronounced use of other ingredients such as ginger and turmeric. This may not sound appealing to some, but I tell you: it's sinfully goooooood.

Travelling to this 'Rose of the North' last October, surely I wouldn't pass on the chance of going on a food trip. Especially since Chiang Mai (and Thailand in general) is praised for its rich and flavorful dishes, especially those that you find on the streets and public markets.

Now, there are a lot of night bazaars and market avenues in Chiang Mai and it could get really dizzying; but you can go to this post to see a list of popular places for food and shopping in this city.

After you sort that out, continue down to this list to see the top 10 street food dishes that you should absolutely try and not miss out:

Healthy Eating | Part 4 of 7: Burger Toppings

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Who doesn't like burgers? (I used to. LOL. Those were the days...) But yeah, I bet everyone loves it! And though it is 'fulfilling', it still helps to limit ourselves from consuming so much of these especially with how it's often prepared: fatty and greasy.

It would help greatly if you cook your own burger at home because for instance you can substitute lettuce leaves or whole-wheat bread for the white bread buns, control the oil used, etc. etc.; but with today's times, most likely you'll be buying it from the a store.

So if you are, do yourselves a favor and ask the restaurant (yes, even that fast food chain please) to modify it with the kind of toppings and spreads that will better keep your well-being in tip-top shape.

Healthy and Non-Healthy Burger Toppings Choices

Nutella Banana S'mores Cookies (Whoopie Pie) Recipe

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Foodie from the Metro Nutella Banana S'mores Cookies Recipe

I may be on a Paleo diet, but I still love sweets! We try to keep it in moderation, so I guess you can call us not so Paleo-perfect after all. But hey, I guess we deserve our cheat days once in a while; but, it's not like Paleo is very restricting, we still get to enjoy incredible food every single day! Anyways... moving on.

Last week, I was thinking of another kitchen adventure  that I can do (oh I am so happy that we have an oven!) So I looked into our 'supplies' and I realized that I have this huge Nutella Jar in the fridge that my mom gave to me; she didn't know that I was trying to cut down on sweet stuff. Clearly, I don't want to put that to waste and I knew instantly that I can use it for my baking. One main ingredient down, what else to go? And that's when our overripe bananas jumped out to me, as well as a bag of marshmallows, and that's when I thought... "Why not I try to experiment with all these three?" BAM! Nutella Banana S'mores Cookies Recipe was born!

I was very anxious at first as to how it will turn out, but thankfully enough, it came out great. Here's the recipe, folks!

Mexican Beef Stew Recipe

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Foodie from the Metro Mexican Beef Stew Recipe

No offense to all the people who have served me 'kaldereta' before, but I really hate it when the meat is really tough. Being a lazy person like myself, it was always a chore to chew through every single bit that I get to throw into my mouth. The scenario almost always goes like this: "Whew, I think I'm done here! ...Oh, wait. No. Ugh. Oh goodness, this is hard meat... Aaaah... My jaw... Aaah, bloody hell, when will this end?"

So it's always a joy whenever I get to eat some sort of oven-braised stew that is fork tender! Beccause that, my foodie friends, is legit heavenly food! That's why for last night's dinner, I decided to make Mexican Beef Stew (or yes, you can call it kaldereta if you want to. -wink-) I also decided to bring along an old friend of mine for my cooking because this baby would definitely give the sauce a good kick! What else but Maggi Magic Sarap!

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